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Emotional Intelligence

No description

Ahmed Alraei

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Emotional Intelligence



What is Emotional Intelligence?
Self Awareness
The ability to accurately perceive your own emotions in a moment and understand your tendencies across situations
Personal Competence
Social Competence
Self Management
Social Awareness
Relationship Management
Ability to accurately pick up on emotions in other people and understand what's going on
Ability to use awareness of your emotions and the emotions of others to manage interaction successfully.
Ability of being aware of and taking into account one's own emotions and managing one's own emotions in a variety of situations. Understanding and reacting effectively to other's emotions with a sense of how our own and other's emotions interact, using all this in positive ways to build relationships and manage conflict.
How we manage ourselves.

This includes:
knowing our strengths and weaknesses
trustworthiness, responsibility & adaptability
drive, commitment & initiative
How we handle out relationships.
This includes:
awareness of each other's feelings & concerns
adeptness to communication, conflict management, cooperation and leadership
The ability to use awareness for emotions to stay flexible and positively direct your behavior.
Average E.I. Scores
Emotional Awareness
Emotional Management
Internal Relationship Management
External Relationship Management
Team Emotional Awareness!
Team members ability to interact effectively with one another in order to respond well to challenging situations.
Team member's ability to use their awareness of the group's emotions as a whole to be flexible and direct behavior in a positive direction.
Team's ability to accurately perceive the emotions that influence the group.
Team's ability to act effectively as a group across organizational boundaries.
BY: Ahmed M Alraei
www.facebook.com/ahmed.alraeii or www.ahmedalraei.blogspot.com
on Wed, 1/23/2013
Time: 30 minutes. 5 minutes more or less
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