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The Religious Roller Coaster

No description

Brandon Cheung

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of The Religious Roller Coaster

The Religious Roller Coaster

The MIDDLE way
Henry VIII was a Catholic so when he was king, all the churches of England had lots of decorations and looked very attractive. He also let the pope in control which meant people had mass (which is where people think miracles happen). The Bible was latin and priests WEREN'T allowed to marry.
Edward VI only reigned for 6 years (12 October 1537 - 6 July 1553) but when he was king he was a protestant so everything was reversed. The Churches became plain without as much decoration and the Pope wasn't in control. The Bible was translated back to English and Priests were allowed to marry. Also instead of mass they did something called communion where the priest would just give you the bread and wine instead of having the "miracle".
Mary I was also a Catholic just like Henry VIII but she was much more of a Catholic than Henry. She believed in Jesus more and therefore she burned people at the stake who were Protestant. She burned 284 people during her time. But AGAIN Mary I reversed everything. The Churches had lots of fancy decorations again. They started doing mass again instead of communion and changed The Bible into Latin. She also started to let priests marry again and let the Priests back in control of religion.
Then came Elizabeth I, she was a complete 100% Protestant but at the same time she didn't want to upset the Catholics so she went half Protestant and half Catholic. This didn't make the Catholics happy but it kept them happy enough not to revolt and assasinate her. It also kept the protestants happy enough to not need to worry about their religion.
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