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Classroom Rules and Procedures

No description

Keri Calhoun

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Classroom Rules and Procedures

Classroom Rules
and Procedures 1. Keep your body and objects to yourself. 2. Use appropriate voice level. 3. Get up only if you have permission. Level 0 = silent
Level 1 = whisper
Level 2 = conversational
Level 3 = presentation
Level 4 = yelling (NEVER) Voice Levels: How do I use the
appropriate voice level? Level 0 (When you are listening):
When teacher is talking
When announcements are on
When classmate is talking
During whole group lessons
When working indipendently Level 1 (When working):
When you need help from a partner
When working in a small group Level 2 (conversation):
When talking to the teacher
When discussing with a partner Level 3 (presenting)
When everyone needs to hear you
When answering a question
When giving a presentation Level 4 (yelling):
NEVER!!! When do I get to talk? When you raise your hand or you have been given permission (like group work) When can I get up?! In order to leave your seat you must have permission.
In order to get permission you must raise your hand.
In order to raise your hand you must be in your seat. That paper
ball you wadded up for
no reason can wait
'til dismissal when you will
be walking right past
the trash can. How
convenient is that?!?! What if I need a pencil? See the equipment manager! But don't forget you need permission!
1. Raise your hand with the appropriate signal
2. Walk silently over to the equipment manager's desk
3. Trade your ID for a sharpened pencil.
4. At the end of class, trade back. You have a pencil but it broke?
1. Raise your hand with the appropriate signal
2. Walk silently over to the equipment manager's desk
3. Trade your un-sharpened pencil for a sharp one.
4. No need to trade back at the end of class. What if I need to use the restroom? 1. Wait until an appropriate time
(when I am not giving a lesson or instructions)
2. Raise your hand with the appropriate signal
3. Silently get up and fill out the hall pass
4. Go to the restroom and return promptly What if I need water? 1. Wait until an appropriate time
(when I am not giving a lesson or instructions)
2. Raise your hand with the appropriate signal
3. Silently get up and fill out the hall pass
4. Get some water and return promptly What if I have a comment? 1. Raise your hand with the appropriate signal
2. What until you are called on
3. Do not call out What if I have a question? 1. Ask yourself, is it a teacher question or a buddy question?
2. If it is a buddy question ask a person at your table
(in a level 1 voice)
3. If it is a teacher question raise your hand with the appropriate signal
4. Do not call out How do I enter the room? quietly! 1. Walk in quietly and go immediately to your seat
2. Fill out your agenda and get busy on your bell ringer
3. As a class, I will give you a number (1-5) based on how well you entered the room.
4. On Friday your numbers will be added up and that is how much time your class has earned for free time. How do I exit the room? What if I'm late? If you come in late you need to sign the tardy log and fill out a tardy slip. Once you have filled out the tardy slip place it back on the clipboard behind all of the papers. 1. When class is over, the spot checker will check the room for cleanliness
2. If your area is not clean and straight the spot checker will let you know.
3. The people who are sitting in their seats quietly with a clean and straight area will be dismissed by the spot checker to go to their locker Which brings us to locker breaks! -We have 3 minutes for locker break.
-That 3 minutes starts when the FIRST person leaves the room.
-I will ring my bell when you have 30 seconds
-I will ring my bell a second time when you are out of time.
-When I ring my bell the second time you should be in the room and in your seat. Once everyone is in their seats using a noise level 1 (whisper) we will dismiss to our next class. What about lunch? 4th block, you will come in as usual
Continue working until your table has been called
When I call your table, line up silently (in the order I called you)
If you are talking you will sit back down.
If you are talking in the hall you will go back and try again.
If majority of the class is talking in the hall we will all go back. If you catch up to us I will know that you either did not go all the way back or that you ran. Either way you will go back and try it ... Leaving lunch... Line up in the gray at the top of the ramp with out talking
Walk silently, stopping at designated stopping points
If we are talking there will be one warning
After the warning we will all go back
if we have to go back the whole class will not be allowed to go to the a le carte line the net day 4. Be an active listener. 5. Always do your best. 6. Follow directions the first time. 7. Follow all school rules. What about all that work? Homework: When you walk in the door make sure the first
thing you do is turn in your homework. Then you may proceed to your seat and get busy on your bell ringer. Classwork: When you finish class work that is to be turned in, leave it on your desk face down until everyone at your table has finished. Once everyone at your table has finished the designated paper person at your table will turn in all work for the table. Heading your paper Right side:
last name, first name
ELA & block
date Left side:
your #
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