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Contemporary art

No description

siena perkin

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Contemporary art

Contemporary Art
Thank You for listening to my empowerment!!
Definition: Art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes (About 1960s - Present).
Junk Art
The term graffiti refers to the inscriptions figure drawings and such found on the walls of ancient ruins… think hieroglyphics or cave paintings. Modern graffiti intertwines with hip hop and started in the 1980s in NYC subways, building walls, railroad box cars and bridges

What makes something art?
By: Siena Perkin
Graffiti Art
Photo's of art

Types of contemporary art
There are many types of contemporary art I will be focusing on public, junk and graffiti art.
History -
Junk art started from found art in the early 20nth century found art is an object that an artist collects or finds that is interesting.
Artists -
Michelle Reader - Makes unique sculptures from recycled materials her work has been influenced by environmental concerns such as pollution
Leo Sewell - Grew up by a dump and has played with junk for over 50 years and started to develop his own technique; his sculptures are mainly made out of plastic, metal and wood
Banksy -
Creates amazing works of art yet his identity is unknown he is believed to have been born in Bristol, England. He began his career as a graffiti artist in the early 1990s. His work became more recognized around Bristol and London.
Graffiti art VS. Vandalism

Graffiti art is considered art because if there was a really interesting piece of graffiti that makes everyone wonder about that work of art, where people think that's amazing, or beautiful etc. that gives the art meaning... but when you see just some random scribbles on a stop sign or any where that is considered vandalism.
What makes something art is when it comes from within, if you put your heart into your work... not every one will appreciate it for what it is. If you're pleased with your work then you have suceeded in yourself and thats what counts.
Where do artists get their inspiration?
Artists get their inspiration in many different ways. An artist is always on the lookout for inspiration, artists observe as much as they can, to an artist every little detail means something somehow even if they aren’t quite sure right away.

Why is art hated and loved?
Art can be hated and loved at the same time. If an artist was to create a piece of work, someone’s opinion could be that the art is just okay and for others the same piece could be the most amazing piece of art they have ever experienced before.

Contemporary art museums
While many museums have contemporary works of art in their collections there are a few museums that only have contemporary art. Four cities in the USA have museums dedicated to contemporary art, New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Denver.

Public art
History - Public art is also known as plop art. It is made for display at government or corporate plazas, office buildings, parks or other public places. There is a relationship between public art and architecture or buildings. Public art started to appear around the 1960s.
Public art in Denver
Denver has over 300 pieces of public art. I will be talking about:

Big Blue Bear
The Yearling
Sun Spot
Big Blue Bear

Artist: Lawrence Argent ( born in England)
The bear is 40-feet tall and weighs 10,000 pounds. Argent saw a photo in the newspaper of a black bear looking into a window which gave him the inspiration.
The Yearling
Artist: Donald Lipski (born in Chicago)
The red steel chair is 21-feet tall and 10-feet wide with a 6-foot tall pinto pony on the seat of the chair. This piece of art was originally supposed to be at an elementary school in New York but they did not like the horse on top of the chair. It spent some time in Central Park and moved to Denver in 1998 in front of the Denver Central Library.

Artists: Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan
It is 20-feet tall and is made from over 90,000 stainless steel pet tags attached to a mesh skeleton underneath. Haddad & Drugan have been working together since 2001, they have backgrounds in landscape architecture and architecture and have taught at the Rhodes Island School of Design and the University of Washington.

Sun Spot
For my experience I went to Santa Fe Arts District, first Friday in January. During my experience I got to go in many different art studio's, at the studio's I got to talk to many artists and even see them working on piece's of art. I got to see many amazing and different works of art.
Any questions?
The earth without art is just "EH'
This statement is saying that the word eARTh can’t be spelled without "art" without just being “EH” This statement is true because the earth would just be boring and dull without art… just imagine our world without colors, sculptures, murals, and more amazing works of art.

What art means to me
My Art
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