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Sarah Potts and Sarah Chavez

sarah potts

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of pottschavezp.2

Joseph Campbell
March 26, 1904 – October 30, 1987
ordinary world
1/16/14 p.2

Joseph Campbell was born and raised in White Plains,New York
in an upper-middle-class Irish Catholic family.
the normal world before all chaos

identify the heroes drives urges and motivation
identify the problem (internal or external) that disrupts the heros ordinary world.
this is the heroes safe haven, where they feel save and secure, also what he must leave and seek return to.
Call To Adventure
hero has fears or insecurities
hero prefers safe haven over ordinary world
refusal demonstrates risks and dangers of call
calls escalate til hero must accept
refusal of the all
disrupts comfort of heros ordinary world
often delivered by herald archetype
comes in different forms
Archetypal Symbols

In 1921 he graduated from the Canterbury School in New Milford, Connecticut.
He studied biology and mathematics.but decided that he preferred the humanities. He transferred to Columbia University, where he received his BA in English literature in 1925 and MA in Medieval literature in 1927.
In 1938 Joseph married, dancer-choreographer Jean Erdman. They did not have any children of their forty-nine years of marriage
The Hero
Usually the main character - a person who needs to learn in the story.
A wise person or animal
who provides guidance to the hero - usually giving him magical gifts or advice for the journey ahead.
The 'wise fool' - someone who uses tricks and jokes to guide the hero
represents our darkest desire, untapped resources, or rejected qualities
Shape shifter
A character who 'changes appearance' to disrupt the adventure
meeting the mentor
issues challenges and announces coming of significant change - get the story rolling
crossing the 1st threshhold
Threshold Guardian
protects the special world and its secrets from the hero - provides testes for the hero to prove worth
The Road Back
12 steps to a
hero's journey
mentor gives hero confidence and support
may not be a person
gives wisdom,magical gifts or advice
not always another superhero

shows heros comitment to journey
seperates ordinary world from special world
no turning back
A Hero's Journey
question the heros physical and mental ability
can be another person, a situation, or even just fear.
hero teams up with others to have a stronger power against the villain
may be someone hero didn't expecting the beginning
heroes goal is to defeat
usually have a grudge on the hero
or doing the bad thing for selfish reasons
sometimes unexpected
usually leads to the journey
hero has survived to the special world
most cases hero takes a break before the ordeal
central life or death crisis or situation
hero face his biggest fear
only after death can he be "reborn" to have even more powers
what the hero receives after the ordeal
in most cases a girl
must recommit to completing journey
dramatic question asked again
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