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No description

Jonathan Pechmann

on 20 September 2018

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Transcript of Design

Terrible Alignment
Page Layout
Design Tips and Tricks
Font rules
Don't use illegible fonts
Only use 3 or 4 fonts
Don't center align everything
left align most ads, documents, papers, etc.
Serif vs.Sans
Serif fonts are easier to read in printed works
San serif fonts are better on the web
Headline fonts should stay the same
Make headlines larger
All caps headlines should be set in san serif
Types of Files.
The basic types of image files are JPG,PNG,PDF,and MPEG.
PNG files would be used in programs in Photoshop and also in presentations, usually with transparent backgrounds.
An example of PNG is to the right, which is the tank with no background.
JPG is the most basic type of image file you will ever find. It takes up little to no space, and requires no special program to open.
A PDF file can be opened on any computer, allowing access to anyone.

Don't just throw in graphics.
Don't go around all willy nilly using every color you find thinking it would look "pretty". It'll confuse the viewer, and more importantly, give them a headache.
The best resolution for a printed image is 1920x1080. That's the highest resolution.
Here's an example of good Graphic Design. It's sleek, simple, and eyecatching. The style used in this graphic is called "Cell Shading".
Don't Clutter.
By: Jonathan Pechmann
Seaunna Veasey
Jordan Lynne
Joey Hales

When doing a page layout it's important that you do the following:
Horizontal alignment
Look at this advertisement (which is Edge alignment), it is align to the text images with the left and right margins.
Warm colors
Cool colors.
Some examples of warm colors are colors like orange,red,and yellow.some example of cool colors are Green,blue,and purple.
Contradicting colors
Meanings of color
Color is that its a way of nonverbal communication.
Color has meaning.
You should use 3-4 colors throughout your document.
Too many graphics is never a good thing. It clutters the space, and makes your presentation look like a mosh pit of every color known to man.
What you
want to do is put just a couple of images, and make them stylish and fit the presentation. Below is a horrible use of Graphics.
An example of contradicting colors is the clashing between a warm color and a cool color.
1.Create order
2.Organize page elements
3.Group items
4.Create visual connections
These tools are called alignments and there are multiple types to create a design.
(Hint, don't do this.)
Edge Alignment
Vertical Alignment
Center Alignment
In horizontal alignment, left and right margins are exactly or visually equal. It can be across the page or within columns. It's also similar to the edge alignment.
In center alignment, it can be horizontally or vertically aligned, or both when doing your design.
In vertical alignment, the top and bottom margins are exactly or visually equal. It can be the full page or within portions of the page.

How to use Alignments
Lack of alignment creates a sloppy, unorganized look. Mixing too many alignments can have a similar effect.
Visual or Optical Alignment
In visual or optical alignment, it fixes some of the problems that can occur with other types of alignment due to the varying shapes of letters and graphics. the objects may not be aligned but to the eye they appear lined up.
Color Schemes
Triadic color scheme
Method ensures all colors are equally vibrant.
Compound color scheme
Two colors are chosen from the opposite end of the color spectrum.
Analogus color color scheme.
Selects three colors next to each other on the color spectrum.
Using capital fonts for headlines is acceptable in some cases because it brings attention.
Decorative fonts can be hard to read and unappealing to the eye.
Capital fonts can indicate yelling.
Is this a good or bad example of Graphic Design?
A color wheel presents a logically arranged sequence of hues merit and was invented by Sir Isaac Newton.
What is an example of a
How many fonts should you use in an advertisement?
A. 1 or 2
B. 3 or 4
C. 5 or 6
Copyright Laws
The Copyright Act prevents the unauthorized copying of a work of authorship. However, only the copying of the work is prohibited--anyone may copy the ideas contained within a work.
There are several items to think about when wording your disclaimer. Decide in relation to your work, what you wish to permit. Be specific in your wording, make it clear what you will allow and what is prohibited. Think from the point of view of withholding all rights and then carefully word any allowances as exceptions, making sure it is clear that these are the only allowances you will make.
Jobs with design.

Magazine Editor/Designer
Product Advertisement Director
Commercial Director
Your U.S. Copyright will be registered in a matter of minutes through our online form submission processing, 256 Bit Encrypted SSL Secure Server. You will receive your copyright documentation in an e-mail and by first class USPS government mail. The copyright office will receive your work and registration becomes effective that day. Your work will be examined to make sure acceptable and meet the requirements of the Copyright law and regulations. Your registration is then assigned a number and a certificate of registration is issued. Once application is submitted you will be directed to a page with steps to complete the process and a copyright logo image will be available for download. Copyright Registry is a private company not affiliated with the library of congress. Copyright Registry provides the service of copyright registration for businesses and individuals.
Filing Procedures
Adobe Photoshop
GIMP Photo Editor
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