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Lowell JROTC S-6

A Prezi about the Communications and Technology staff department at Lowell High School.

Arthur Lei

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Lowell JROTC S-6

(S-6) Communications and Technology Lowell JROTC Website HELP! My ____ broke! D: http://lowelljrotc.com New Stuff Shiny. =^.^= Old Stuff Classic. :3 Internet Computer Firefox ... Technology Stuff But... As S-6... CPS
The Website (The Testing Thing) Plugging in wires
Yanking things open
Shaking black containers
Restarting computers
And other tricks I'm sure you'll figure out! Windows Update
Helping replace ink cartridges
Help out at review ... We keep the website from exploding
from the "secret," back interface. (Which we just went over! Yay!) We get to play with We're the ones who you go to and scream... We all know about the... And of course... we deal with... Yay. Giant Touchable Computer Screen >.> The End. Thanks! ~S-6 (^_^)n We'll help!
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