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Hierarchy of Needs

No description

Will Howard

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Hierarchy of Needs

Psychocical Needs Saftey Needs Social Needs Esteem Needs Self-Actualization Development Hierarchy of Needs Abraham Maslow developed The Theory of Heirarchy of Needs in 1943.
'Theory of Human Motivation'
Previous Thoughts were on Biological, and Power and Achievement

Power and Achivevement Humans desire for power, and our strive for achivement lead to Motivation. Devlopment
Pyramid Scheme
Pyramid Scheme Biological Needs Needs that are required for survial
Food, Air, Water
Most basis human needs D-Needs Deficency Needs
Needs that brought on by a deprivation
ie food, emotions, saftey
B-Needs Growth or Being Needs
Delvelop from a desire or want
These are things like knowledge Hierarchy of Needs
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