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madison rape

No description

Patti Jo Woods

on 25 March 2010

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Transcript of madison rape

Rape By: Madison Rape victim Teens 16 to 19 are three
and a half times more likly
to be rape victims then the
general population.
one in two rape victims are under
the age of 18 and one in six are
under the age of 12. 9 out of 10 rape victims are females.
Men and boys also are rape victims.
In 1995, 32,130 males older then the age of 12 were rape victims, sexual assault or attempted rape.

(someones story)
I am so angry to read that any woman could say that anther woman was to blame for being
raped. these comments are opviosly made by women who have not been raped themselves, i'm
sure that if thy had, they may be a bit more sympathetic. I have been raped myself and yes, a
little bit of me does blame myself but i know i did not deserve it. I was drunk but I kept saying
no. When somebody says no it means no.
Until a few months ago, only two people knew who raped Ellen Rutchick, then strangled the 23-year-old secretary with the cord to her hi-fi stero in 1972.

One died inside the back bay studio apartment, the other behide bars years latter.

Cops yesterday fanilly tied Michael Sumper, a convcted rapest who died of cancer while in prison in 2001, to Rutchick's rape and murder through DNA, bringing the cold case to a close. I choose this topic because I think that it is important to know about. I belive that it happens a lot around the world.
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