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Our Lady Peace

No description

Melissa Ansell

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Our Lady Peace

Our Lady Peace Alternative rock band formed in 1992 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
In late 1991, guitarist Mike Turner placed an ad in Toronto-based Now Magazine in search of musicians
Michael Maida joined the group, inviting Jim Newell and Paul Martin and formed the band “As If”
The band played numerous shows in Oshawa
Paul Martin departed soon after and was replaced by Chris Eacrett
The band’s name was soon changed to “Our Lady Peace” after a Mark Van Doren poem with the same name
Mike Maida then changed his name to “Raine” in order to stop the confusion of having two Mike’s in the band
After having a friend create a music video for the song “Out of here” , Jim Newell left the band and was temporarily replaced with John Bouvette
In 1993, the band signed a record and publishing deal with Sony Music Canada and shortly thereafter Jeremey Taggart joined the band
Our Lady Peace released its debut album "Naveed"
in March1994. The band then toured around Canada. "Starseed", a song, became a hit in both Canada and the United States. Our Lady Peace then got a record deal with the American Columbian Records.
As the band started its second album, Chris Eacrett left the band due to musical differences. Duncan Coutts then joined the band as the bassist. The band released their second album in 1997. Mike Turner Raine Maida Jeremey Taggart In 1999, the band released their third album. In 2000, the band
released its fourth album, which was inspired by Ray Kurzweil book "The age of Spiritual Machines"
In 2001, Mike Turner either quit the band or was forced to leave by the other band members.
Said Maida of Turner's departure, "The last two records we've been yearning for a guitar player
that can really stand up and have a strong voice and Mike (Turner) just wasn't that kind of guitar player." The band held auditions and Jermey Taggart's friend,
Steve Mazur was going to be the lead guitarist. In 2005 the
band released their sixth album. The band's last album was released in 2009. Born June 4th, 1963 in Bradford, England.
Grew up influenced by punk rock.
At the age of 18, moved to Ontario to study English
Liturature at the University of West Ontario.
Was the band's main guitarist.
After he left OLP, he formed the bands Fair Ground and
Crash Karma. Born February 18th, 1970 in Weston Ontario.
Before persuing a musical career, he studied criminology at
the University of Toronto.
Is the vocalist of the band.
Has his own solo Cd called "Hunter's Lullaby"
Has produced songs for other singers.
Married with three sons Mike Turner Raine Maida Born April 7th 1975 in Toronto Ontario
Born into a family of musicians
OLP's drummer
Has been the drummer for other songs
Married with two sons Jeremy Taggart Born February 4th, 1969 in St. Catharines, Ontario
Went to Ridley college and studied film
OLP's bassist
Plays the keyboard and can also backup sing
Married with twin girls Duncan Coutts Duncan Coutts Duncan Coutts Steve Mazur Born December 21st, 1977 in Los Angeles, California
Graduated from Berklee College of Music
Used to give guitar lessons
Before he was in OLP he was in the bands Dragonfly,
Butter Jackson, and Ph
Steve Mazur Reach is mostly in Canada and a few places in the United States, mostly
northern US.
Maida's voice has influenced many other singers with his countertenor vocals
and his use of falsetto. Naveed
Happiness...is Not a Fish you can Catch
Spiritual Machines
Healthy in Paranoid Times
Burn Burn Albums http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Lady_Peace
http://www.ourladypeace.net/Dreamland/ Websites
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