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on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of ARGAN THERAPY

ARGAN THERAPY by Tunisian Amber Arabian Oud Damask Rose Egyptian White Musk The Egyptian White Musk has a fascinating scent that has been appreciated for many centuries. Originally it was used as a scent that would attract the opposite sex. Although this ancient scent was developed in Egypt the use of Egyptian Musk has spread throughout the world like wildfire. Egyptian White Musk will enchant you with its mild freshness and sense of purity. This exquisitely scented Queen of Flowers has been associated with love, compassion, perfection, beauty and
fertility since ancient times. The flower is sacred to Aphrodite, Goddess of love and beauty and its aroma is considered to have the highest vibrational energy of any aromatic flower. Let the heavenly touch of Damask Roses embrace you. Oud essence is produced from a resin produced inside a tropical rainforest tree called Aquilaria. The dark resinous wood has a magnificent distinctive fragrance. It is considered the finest natural aroma and has been used for cultural, religious and medicinal purposes for millennia. Rare and exquisite Arabian Oud, once exclusive to royalty, is now available for everyone to enjoy. A fossilized tree resin which has been appreciated for its organic beauty and fragrance since Neolithic times, Amber is used as an fragrant ingredient in perfumery and as jewelry. In ancient China it was customary to burn Amber during large festivities as a sign of prosperity. Tunisian Amber’s scent is warm, honey-like, oriental, earthy, sophisticated and very seductive. Argan oil is an oil extracted from the seeds ofthe argan tree, which is native to Southwestern Morocco and commonly known as “liquid gold”to Moroccan’s, has been used by generationsof women for its valuable properties in skin,hair, and therapeutic treatments. Exceptionally rich in vitamin E, (twice the amount as Olive Oil), phenols and phenolic acid, squalene and Omega 6 essential fatty acids - all of which simultaneously help to protect, soften, and moisturize your skin.This beauty cure is quickly transforming from a beauty secret into a beauty necessity! Now PIELOR is introducing, HAMMAM El Hana ARGAN THERAPY series, a collection of six products designed to help your skin, hair and body look gorgeous in every way. Argan Oil HAMMAM EL HANA ARGAN THERAPY SERIES CONSIST OF FOUR LINES WITH SIX ITEMS IN EACH 250 ML SHOWER GEL 400 ML BODY MILK 400 ML SHAMPOO 500 ML BODY SCRUB 200 ML BODY SPLASH 400 ML LIQUID HAND WASH GOLDEN CAPS & PUMPS

AND... 400 ML BODY MILK with... 4 different oriental motiffs
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