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Rizal's Travels in Europe

KASPIL1 XE1 report, August 4, 2014.

Stephen John Dy

on 3 August 2014

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Transcript of Rizal's Travels in Europe

Rizal's Travels in Europe
KASPIL1 / JPRIZAL Report by Stephen John Dy (XE1)
Naples (Napoli)
Rizal near Naples
Rizal passed by Naples on June 11, 1882, on the way to Marseilles.
Rizal admired the business activity, scenic views, and lively people in Naples.
Described places
Castel Sant'Elmo
“prison within an island.”
Jose Rizal, a 4th year student of University of Santo Tomas, was disgusted of the educational system and racial issue there. So, he decided to leave UST and continue his studies in Europe instead with the support of his older brother Paciano.
He will be on a mission to study the life and laws in Europe for Filipino liberation vs. Spanish imperialism
Rizal left Manila for Singapore on May 3, 1882 without the knowledge of his mother and Spanish authorities and friars
Rizal went to Singapore, Colombo, and through Suez Canal before reaching Europe
Rizal in Marseilles
Arrived in Marseilles on June 12, 1882 for a two-and-a-half-day visit.
Rizal went to Marseilles in order to ride the train going to Barcelona
He described it as "the most ancient commercial city that perhaps exists."
Notably, he visited the Chateau d'If, where Dantes (hero of the Count of Monte Cristo) was imprisoned.
Rue de la Republique
French name that means “Republic Road”
Located near the Port of Marseilles
Rizal described it as a well-paved road with big houses and clean stores.
Renaissance architecture
Passed by a tram

On the 2.50 worth of travel on a coach to Hotel Noailles...
Rue Canneviere
Another road near the port
Rizal described it as a beautiful road
Palace of the Bourse
(Palaise de la Bourse)
Hotel Louvre
Hotel Noailles
Rizal stayed in this hotel during his visit in Marseilles
He described it as a clean, elegant hotel with many glasses installed, carpeted marble staircases, large embroidered red curtains in hotel rooms, rugs covering floors of rooms and velvet chairs.
Rizal encountered Corsica, the native island of French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.
A steamer carrying Rizal docked in Marseilles on Tuesday night, June 13, 1882.
On June 15, 1882, Rizal left Marseilles riding train en route Barcelona via Bourdeaux and Portbou.
Rizal admired its buildings, statues, bulls, water fountain, Panorama, botanical garden, and zoological garden (esp. the monkeys).

Gave Rizal an indescribable admiration of its beautiful scene
Latter days in Marseilles
June 14:
Strolled around Marseilles with Mr. Buil and Mr. & Mrs. Salazar and met new people. Rizal watched a concert until midnight.
June 15:
Last day in Marseilles. Had lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Salazar and 3 others at around 11:15 am. Had 28 or 29 pesos left out of the initial 76 pesos with Rizal
This was Rizal's first time to ride in a first-class express train
Rizal transferred to several trains en route.
Passed by olive various towns, fields, olive groves, and vineyards.
Passed by the French cities of Tarascon (at night) and Montpeiller (town known for its medical school)
30-minute stop in the middle
Rizal arrived at Barcelona on Friday around noon, June 16, 1882. He was with Buil.
First day: June 16, 1882
Rizal begins his unknown journey with a dwindling money and uncertain future
Rizal described Barcelona as unpleasant.
Took a coach going to Fonda de Espana, San Pablo
Rizal described its "elegant and magnificent buildings of the cities I have seen, the polite and refined manner,"
Checked in to an inn along a narrow street now known as Hotel Fonda de Espana.
capital of Kingdom of Spain
Coastal city in the Kingdom of Italy
Mediterranean center of tourism, economy, and culture in Spain
The Philippine national hero Jose Rizal arrived in Barcelona in 1882. The latter checked in at Hotel Espana. Acquainted at Fonda Espana.
Marker in Catalan
Rizal in Madrid (1st)
Rizal was here from June 16, 1882 until the late part of the year
Rizal was welcomed by schoolmates from Ateneo Municipal de Manila
"El Amor Patrio"
(Love of Country) and on August 20, 1882 as his first publication abroad and sent it to friend Basilio Teodora of
Diariong Tagalog
Rizal left Barcelona for Madrid in the end of 1882.
Rizal enrolled at Universidad Central de Madrid on Sept. 2, 1882 and took medical clinic, surgical clinic, legal medicine, and obstetrical clinic.
Circulo Hispano Filipino
, a group of Filipino students in Madrid. He was with M. del Pilar, J. Luna, and G. Lopez Jaena.
"Me Piden Versos"
(They Asked Me for Verses) and "Las Dudas" (as Laong-Laan)
Met and could not fell in love w/ Consuelo Ortiga y Perez (or y Rey) due to his engagement with Leonor and COYP is in a relationship with Rizal's friend.
Celebrated Dos de Mayo while marking a year since leaving Calamba
From Manila via Singapore, Colombo, and Suez Canal,
Rizal, 24, boarded a train to Paris, where he would spend his summer vacation.
Jose Rizal arrived in Paris on Sunday morning, June 17, 1883
Capital city of France
Rizal 1st stay in Paris
Rizal went to Paris for a summer vacation from June 17 to August 20, 1883
Rizal stayed in two hotels during his vacation
Rizal learned the French language and cultures in this city
Places encountered during 1st visit
Hotel de Paris
Located at 37 Rue de Maubeuge
Wrote a letter to parents and siblings from his room on June 21 about his experiences in Spain and Paris
Visited in iWitness's 2004 documentary "Little Bad Boy"
Also stayed by Dr. Filipe Zamora, who is in Paris for obstetrician specialization
Rizal left for a cheaper hotel
"The costliest capital in Europe"
Rizal left Paris for Madrid to attend his medicine degree.
Thank you for listening!
Rizal returned to Madrid on August 20, 1883 after a summer vacation.
Rizal back in Madrid
Moved to two residences in Madrid in later 1883
Studied at
Learned from Mariano Katigbak the outbreak of cholera and beri-beri in Lipa, Batangas
Studied sculpting and painting at Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando
Joined the Acacia Masonic Lodge, a freemasonry or fraternity vs. friars in the Philippines, in 1883
Gathered with fellow
Circulo Hispano Filipino
members for a New Year's toast at Restaurant de Madrid and held several meetings later in 1884
Involved in November 1884 student demonstrations for Dr. Miguel Morayta (condemned by Catholic bishops in Spain.)
Saluted Juan Luna and Felix R. Hidalgo in National Exposition of Fine Arts (June 25, 1884)
Finished Licentiate in Medicine at Universidad Central de Madrid in 1884, Doctor of Medicine in 1885
We must balance our time between studies and trivial leisure.
Rizal is a keen observer also to Western cultures
Rizal does not forget his native Philippines despite being in Europe for years.
Rizal also knew the contribution of his fellow historical figures from another time
Rizal indeed met many people, including renowned professors and fellow Philippine revolutionary figures

Rizal decided to leave Madrid once again for a return to Paris, this time as an ophthalmology trainee.
Dr. Jose Rizal back in Paris!
Practiced ophthalmology under Dr. Louis de Wecker at Crugen Clinic, 55 Rue Du Cherche-Midi (near Hotel Aramis)
Met Maximo Viola, a wealthy medical student hailing from San Miguel, Bulacan
Sketched Miguel Morayta and sent to
La Publicidad
editor Sr. Eusebio Corominas
November 1885-February 1886
Napoleon's grave
Arch of Triumph
Avenue de L'Opera and Opera House
Bois de Boulogne
Notre Dame Cathedral
Madelaine Church
Vendome Column
Online sources
Rizal left Paris for Germany on February 1, 1886
Hospitals visited
Lariboisiere Hospital
observed the examination of different diseases of women
Laennec Hospital
observed Dr. Nicaise treating patients
Place de la Concorde
Musée de Grévin, Assyrian Museum
Louvre Museum
all in June 1883
124 Rue de Rennes
Rizal's second hotel during 1st visit in Paris
in Quartier Latin
Presently "Hotel Aramis"
Cheaper hotel compared to Hotel de Paris
August 1883-November 1885
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Howie Severino: Rizal is in Europe not only as a doctor and a writer but also as a tourist.
Europe is indeed a progressive continent as it preserves its culture and traditions.
Although it is unofficial, other European countries consider Rizal as the Philippine national hero.

"A plateau within two mountains"
Passed by Straßburg (Strasbourg) and several German towns
Rizal described Germany as "a country with high order and obedience, attractive and praiseworthy morals and women, just like Motherland."
Rizal in Heidelberg
Rizal stayed in Heidelberg from February 7 to August 9, 1886
Attended lectures of Dr. Otto Becker and Prof. Wilhelm Kuehne at University of Heidelberg
Worked for Dr. Becker at University Eye Hospital
Learned German in this city
Completed eye specialization
Wrote "A Las Flores de Heidelberg," which is about flowers at Neckar River on April 22, 1886
Places visited
University of Heidelberg
Heidelberg Castle
Neckar River
Tanchanco, J.P. (2012)
Tour Madrid thru Jose Rizal's footsteps.
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Pinoys retrace Rizal's footsteps in Paris
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Heidelberg still celebrates Jose Rizal's birthday
. Retrieved July 29, 2014. From Philippine Daily Inquirer: http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/3928/heidelberg-still-celebrates-jose-rizal%E2%80%99s-birthday
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12 Ludwigsplatz
Heidelberg is a city in southern Germany known for its old universities and romantic surroundings.
Rizal in Wilhelmsfeld
Rizal went to Wilhelmsfeld on April 26, 1886 to board with Lutheran pastor Dr. Karl Ullmer and his family
Rizal celebrated his 25th birthday with Dr. Ullmer
Studied German language and life in Wilhelmsfeld
Left between June 20-25, 1886
in front of University of Heidelberg
16 Karlstrasse
four-story pension house now a bookstore
Return to Heidelberg
Became a member of the chess Club Germany on July 14, 1886
Began a long distance friendship with Prof. Ferdinand Blumentritt of Litomerice, Bohemia on July 31 by sending arithmetic books in Spanish and Tagalog
Celebrated the 500th founding anniversary of the University of Heidelberg on August 6
Rizal left Heidelberg for Leipzig on August 9, 1886 and traveled through the cities by the Rhine River on a train.
Bonn - stayed in a hotel and observed cathedrals and statue of Beethoven
Cologne (Koeln) - city that offers main attractions; has brick houses
Coblentz - visited an inn and historical places in the capital of Rhenish Prussia
Kastel - a militarized fort-city
Frankfurt - "second beautiful city" with elegant buildings. He admired its zoo, opera house, synagogue, and statues of Goethe and Johannes Gutenberg
Opera house
Frankfurt stock exchange
Cities set foot on
Rizal in Leipzig
Rizal stayed in Leipzig from August 15 to October 29, 1886. He stayed longer because there, it has the cheapest cost of living in Europe
Attended some lectures at University of Leipzig
Befriended historian Prof. Friedrich Ratzel and anthropologist/ethnologist Dr. Hans Meyer
Became the Filipino translator of Swiss independence champion William Tell's story and H. C. Andersen's fairy tales
Got time to exercise in a gym
University of Leipzig
40 Albertstrasse (Rizal's room)
A museum where fete of Sedan was made on Sept. 1 or 2
Magdeburger Leipziger station
an observatory
industrial area where a schoolteacher accompanied Rizal to a brewery
Rizal's first visit to Dresden
Rizal was in Dresden from October 29 to November 1, 1886
Met Dr. Adolph Meyer, naturalist from Dresden University
Japanisches Palais and other places in Dresden
Heard a mass in a Catholic church
Mt. Vesuvius (smoke from crater)
Rizal in Berlin
Rizal was in Berlin from November 1, 1886 to May 11, 1887
Rizal admired Berlin due to its scientific atmosphere and race prejudice
Became a researcher at Real Biblioteca de Berlin
Was with Maximo Viola starting December 11. Thanks to his support, Noli Me Tangere was published here.
Rizal was almost deported when he surrendered no passport to the police
Personally met Dr. Feodor Jagor, renowned pathologist Rudolf Virchow, and his son Dr. Hans Virchow
Leipzig homes
Central Hotel
Real Biblioteca de Berlin
(now Berlin State Library)
Berlin Central Station
Jaeger Straesse 71
Leitmeritz (Litomerice)
After receiving 1000 pesos allowance from Paciano, Rizal and Viola left Berlin on May 11, 1887 (spring) and began their trip to several cities in Europe after the successful release of
Noli Me Tangere
Rizal in Litomerice
Prof. Blumentritt greeted Rizal and Viola at the train station on May 13, 1887
Attended a Tourist Club session
Litomerice train station
The former Krebs Hotel (Rm. 12)
A city in Bohemia, part of Austro-Hungarian Empire
Blumentritt's school
Beer garden, Churches and other places
They had Teschen (Decin), Bohemia as their stopover
May 13-16
presently the capital of Czech Republic (former Bohemia)
Rizal in Prague
Copernicus's tomb
Met Dr. Wilkom, a natural history professor from University of Prague-Brunn and his daughter
Natural History Museum
San Juan Nepomuceno's jail-cave
San Juan Nepomuceno's martyrdom site
Bacteriology labs
Willkom's house
Rizal and Viola were in Vienna from May 20 to 25, 1887
Stayed in Hotel Metropole and visited churches, museums, art galleries, theaters and parks.
Got interviewed by a local newspaper
"Queen of the Danube"
Rizal and Viola were in Brunn, Germany to bid Dr. Wilkomn goodbye on May 19, 1887
capital of Saxony
Rizal and Viola had a short stay here
Rizal and Viola toured the River Danube until reaching Lintz, Germany.
May 26-30, 1887
Tasted the local Munich Beer
Torture machine from Catholic Inquisition
Tallest cathedral in Germany (although it is a Lutheran church)
Ulm Münster
Stayed in Rhine Hotel
a major Mediterranean trading center in France
Rizal and Viola visited this city on May 31, 1887. They stayed in Hotel Marquardt.
Rizal and Viola arrived at Geneva aboard a small boat
Stayed here from June 3 to 23, 1887
Boarded at the Place de Bel-Air along Rue du Rhône 3, just by Lu Rhone
Enjoyed the stay except learning that Igorots were ridiculed in an exhibit in Madrid
Treated Viola while Rizal celebrated his 26th birthday
Rizal parted ways with Viola; Rizal to Rome, while Viola went to Barcelona
Cities visited
Places visited
Rome Capitol
Church of Sta. Maria
Septimus Severus
(flower to Bumentritt)
Roca Tarperya
St. Peter's Basilica
Rizal was here from June 27-30, 1887.
Rizal back in Marseilles
Rizal returned to Marseilles on July 3, 1887 to ride
en route back to Manila.
Rheinfalls (Rhine Falls)
most beautiful waterfalls in Europe
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June 2-3, 1887
Places visited in Madrid
7 Calle Manuel Hernandez Gonzales
Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando
Universidad Central de Madrid
Hospital of San Carlos
(now Reina Sofia Museum of Modern Art)
Pedro Paterno's house
Teatro Infanta Isabel
Hotel Ingles
First apartment
(13 Calle Amor de Dios)
Colegio de Medicos de Madrid
Viva Madrid
Apartment where Noli began
Juan Luna's apartment
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