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No description

Sydnee Oliver

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of fashion

By Sydnee Oliver
Today you will see what men and women would wear back then.
The 1960's had so many new fashion trends come out
PVC dress
Go-go boot
The 1960's is very different from what we wear today. That's what made the 1960's so unique!
Women's fashion
They still wore dresses
The mini skirt\dress
The Bikini
High wasted shorts with a bikini top
The ladys started wearing bikinis after the musical Beach Party came out.
The tankkini
Mens fashion
The Peacoat
Mens pants became tighter around the thigh...
and wider around the bottom.
Men were really inspired by the Beatles...
The Beatles
The Beatles excerted a major influence on young mens fashion and hairstyles.
Girls Fashion
Girls wore things differnt from women like...
Earth tone Plaids
Slim Pants
Bib front collared dresses
Boys Fashion
Denim jeans and corduroy slacks were very popular they also wore...
jean jackets
Plaid vest
The Hippies
Hippies would wear different things from others but some things the same
Hippies wore bright colors and to them that represented peace and love.
granny glasses
scarves or headbands
Womens Accessories
the pill box hat
Cat eye
Hippies contiued....
different hairstyles
Dances were a big thing in the 1960's
Whether it was prom or just a normal dance to go have fun at the boys and girls would wear differnt things
Prom dress
long poofy dress worn with gloves with pearl necklaces poofy or curled hair
other dances
sweaters tucked in to skirts or long skirts
Nice suits with bowties, alot like what boys wear today
other dances
sweaters, button up shirts, tight pants with nice shiny shoes
it was inspired by models celebrities and people who just came up with the idea for fun.
and has made an impact on what we wear today.
It was the decade that broke many fashion trends
Thanks to....
and my wonderful audience
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