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No description

Ivar Olesk

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of ESTONIA

A presentation by Ivar Olesk
The best things come in small packages
Basic details
Population of Estonia is 1,34 mln
The national language is Estonian
Currency used in Estonia is the euro (€)
The capital of Estonia is Tallinn
Facts about Estonia
Estonia has the highest level of internet freedom in the world
It is the country where skype was first released
The biggest mountain in Estonia is "Suur Munamägi" (big eggmountain) which is 328 meters in height
Takes place every 5 years
Very popular amongst all Estonians no matter the age
In 2009 there were more than 25 000 performers
Estonian midsummer
Takes place on the 23rd of June
Involves huge fire and dancing and grilling meat
Estonia is the least religious country in the world
Hello: Tere
Good bye: Head aega
Please: Palun
Thank you: Aitäh
My name is: Minu nimi on
Nice to meet you: Meeldiv tutvuda
You're welcome: Pole tänu väärt

Estonian comedy
TV Show that only airs at new years eve
Ott Lepland and Märt Avandi
Cities of Estonia
Pärnu - cummer capital
Türi - spring capital
Tartu - Cultural and intellectual capital
Some history
World war 2
Soviet occupation
German occupation
Soviet Estonia
Estonia has won the Eurovision contest once
Estonian cuisine
Potatoes potatoes potatoes
Black rye
Desserts - Kissel, curd snack, kama
Summer and spring - barbeque
Winter and christmas - black pudding, head cheese, sauerkraut
and potatoes
Estonian Celebrities
Andrus Veerpalu
Carmen Kass
Markko Märtin
Tanel Padar
Ott Lepland
Birgit Õigemeel
Gerd Kanter
Erki Nool
Mart Poom
Martin Müürsepp
Kaia Kanepi
Kristina šmigun
The president of Estonia is Toomas Hendrik Ilves
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