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Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde V.S. Damon and Pythias

No description

emalie watt

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde V.S. Damon and Pythias

Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde & Damon and Pythias
Similarities in Stories
Mr. Hyde does not take responsibility for his bad actions, like comittting murder, stealing and acting and an unpleasant manor towards other people
To save Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll takes the blame in the end when he exposes himself to Dr. Lanyon
He is "therefore" someone who in a way is close to him
All crimes comitted are somewhat excused in the end due to the outcome of the truth
Damon takes the place of Pythias momentarily
He is supporting a friend in need
When Pythias returns for Damon, Pythias sentence is dropped
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Damon and Pythias: Summary
A story of two friends (Damon and Pythias)
Pythias is accused of treason against the tyrant of Syracuse (Dionysius), and is sentenced to death
He requests to visit home once more to say his goodbyes to family and friends
The king of Syracuse denies his request, thinking that Pythias will flee and never return to face his sentence
Damon offers to take Pythias's place until he returns,
If he were to not return Damon would face Pythias sentence
On the day of Pythias's scheduled return Damon is nearly executed
Pythias returns just in time to save his friend, apologizing for his delay
During his travels back he faced pirates throwing him off of his ship
He swam to shore and ran as fast as he could to save Damon
The king. impressed with their friendship and honesty let them both free
Reference to Jekyll and Hyde
A reference of the Damon and Pythias story is made in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Dr. Lanyon says "would have estranged Damon and Pythias" when discussing his close friendship between himself, Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Utterson
Quote Analysis:
Dr. Lanyon means to say that the three men used to be the closest of friends and now barely speak due to Dr. Jekylls recent odd behavior
Damon and Pythias were the closest of friends and not even the possibility of death separated them
Relation & Use of the Quote
The Quote was used to identify a complete opposite story of friendship between the novel and Damon and Pythias
Gives an example of a common story of true friendship to define an experience of friendship lost
Dr. Jekyll sacrifices his relationship with Mr. Utterson and Dr. Lanyon by letting Mr. Hyde control his life
Jekyll does however sacrifice himself to destroy the monster he has put out into the world, and eliminate the pain he has caused others
Damon nearly sacrifices himself to help Pythias see his family once more, after all he was the reason for Pythias being sentenced in the first place
Both Damon and Jekyll try to make up for what they have done
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