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Sona Martirosian Resume

No description

Sona Martirosian

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of Sona Martirosian Resume

Sona Martirosian

Utilizing multi-faceted outreach and community management strategies to generate awareness of web series on Alloy owned sites such as:
Formulated and executed social media campaigns for branded entertainment programs for clients including:
University of California, Riverside
2004 - 2008
B.S. Business Administration

B.A. Psychology
New York University
2012 - 2014
M.S. Integrated Marketing
International Institute, Madrid
Spanish Language & Culture
Brand Development
Computer Skills
Social Media Strategist / digital publicist

October 2009 - December 2010
Burbank, CA
Marketing Strategy
Digital Strategy
Worked with The Economist Magazine's marketing team to develop an integrated marketing campaign to reach a younger reader demographic & change the magazine's "stuffy" perception among millennials. The plan included strategy development, media planning, and creative executions.
Created an integrated marketing campaign for American Apparel with the objective of changing the brand's negative perception due to bad publicity. Including digital, social, out of home, and print strategies.
Developed a new brand of bottled water, including product development, packaging & logo design, and an integrated marketing plan for entering the market. The plan included creative executions of digital, social, print, out of home, and experiential marketing strategies.
Developed a marketing plan to expand the Levi's brand into the urban denim market, while still maintaining the brand's Americana image.
Generated an advertising plan for Blue Print Juice to increase awareness of the brand as a healthy substitute to other beverages, rather than a part of a juice cleanse. Including advertising strategy, media planning, and creative executions.
Some projects I worked on...
Evaluated the brand's digital presence and developed new strategies to take better advantage of digital marketing tools and increase reach and create a stronger brand story.
Developed a digital marketing plan to increase Massimo Dutti's brand awareness in the US and establish it as a must-visit shopping destination in NYC. The plan combined digital strategies with point of sale tactics to reach the audience in different stages of the shopping cycle.
Worked with the start up's founders to create search engine marketing and search engine optimization strategies to increase the company's presence in the top spots of search engine results for relevant keywords.
Used data from web analytics to develop a digital strategy to help businesses in the pet care industry grow their digital presence and serve customers more efficiently.
Created a business plan for a customizable digital fashion news aggregator website that will allow users to create their own homepage based on their interests and style. The plan included industry analysis, product development, monetization strategies, and website design.
Created a business plan for a mobile app that helps youth traveler connect with each other while traveling and find local businesses near them. The plan included product development as well as a detailed integrated marketing plan for product launch.
• Created and managed branded social profiles on
Monitored and prepared program results analysis using
What my coworkers had to say...
• Executed and managed social media marketing campaigns, including composing pitch letters, compiling lists of targeted websites, implementing blogger outreach and social seeding, and preparing status reports summarizing the progress of the campaign for the following brands
December 2010 - April 2013
Los Angeles, Ca / New York, NY
What my coworkers had to say...
account manager
Some other jobs I've had...
In college I worked as a third grade classroom teacher's aid and tutored under-performing 1-8 graders in math and English one-on-one after school.
Those same summers I also worked in the children's clothing department of the Mervin's department store.
In the summers I worked as a waitress at a cafe in Burbank, CA.
During high school I was an administrative assistant at a medical transportation company where I coordinated driver schedules, created billing statements, and digitized the company's filing system.
Public Relations Intern

March 2009 - June 2009
Los Angeles, CA
Branding & PR Intern
October 2008 - March 2009
Los Angeles, CA
Supported PR department in planning and execution of special events such as launch parties, Press Week, gifting suites, Market Week, and trunk shows.
Researched and assembled targeted lists of celebrities for product gifting, prepared and mailed gift packages.
Assisted stylists and fashion editors in product sample pulls for editorial placements and celebrity appearances.
Managed product sample trafficking between magazine editors and account executives.
Utilized Cision Media Source Research Module in order to compile media lists for product launches and pitching.
Executed mailings for product launches and assisted with package design.
Paris, 2007
Europe, 2010
In 2010, I backpacked through 10 countries in Europe, visiting 23 cities in 50 days (and blogged about it from my phone). Time management and careful planning were crucial to the execution of the trip.
Planning & Organization...
Navigating through the unfamiliar...
Nice, 2010
Embracing new challenges...
More on these projects at: http://www.slideshare.net/SonaMartirosian/presentations
emphasis on
I have 5 years of experience working in digital marketing, specifically in utilizing social media outlets to create authentic connections between brands and their target audience.
The combination of these two degrees has given me a unique understand of not only the business aspects of marketing, but also understanding the consumer on a much deeper level.
While at UCR, I spent a semester in Madrid, Spain studying Spanish and traveling around Europe on the weekends.
MY course work at NYU included classes in brand strategy & development, digital marketing, as well as marketing analytics.
Facing the unexpected...
(like snow covered mountaintops in July)
Armenia, 2009
Communication skills...
Venice, 2010
And pushing myself to new heights...
Peru, 2014
For me, travel is the best form of growth and self development. I've learned a lot of skills from my travels, like...
Language Skills
Hi! ...
I'm SOna

an integrated marketing professional looking for
my next big career
A little about me...
I grew up in Los Angeles, CA and moved to New York in 2012 to attend graduate school at NYU. I fell in love with the city and decided to stay here after graduation.
I'm highly curious and have a desire to learn about everything. I'm perpetually acquiring new interests and learning about something new.
About me
After 5 years of working in digital marketing agencies, I decided to leave my job and concentrate on my education in my last year of graduate school.
Marketing Skills
Brand strategy
integrated marketing
digital marketing
campaign strategy
& execution
Brand development
search engine marketing
product & brand management
E-Commerce Marketing
social media marketing
web marketing analytics
media planning
Let's work together!
During my time at NYU I realized that my interests lie in brand strategy and development and I'm looking to grow my career in that direction.
I believe that in order to create a brand that resonates with the target audience, it's important to understand the culture in which the brand exists. I watch/read/listen to a wide variety of films, documentaries, tv shows, web series, books, blogs, podcasts...
I'm a media junkie
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