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No description

Adam Davis

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Foursquare

Foursquare Play Gilbert Seldes - the highest degree of pleasure in movies
comes from "escaping actuality and entering into a created world." Foursquare IS actuality However, it's an augmented reality, a world within the real world inherently created by its users. HE HEy We "refer to game characters in the first person
and act as if their experiences were our own." Experience is both our own and someone else's. Experience is no longer private. Publicity leads to success. "Shigeru Miyamoto...designs his games around verbs...around the actions
which the game enables players to perform." Users are forced into action to succeed at gameplay. Here, it is literally the user - not a game character serving as a proxy for the user. Introduction Techno/Social Change Combines the augmented reality of the gaming world
with the world of social networking (think Twitter, which can be connected to your Foursquare account). "The people whose activities are being captured will probably adjust their conduct based on their understanding of what will become of the data and what this entails for their own lives."

Previously undesirable activities become desirable. "Inasmuch as the captured actions are addressed to an 'audience' via computer-mediated representation, they take on a 'performative' quality that belies the intendedly objective character of the representational process." "The introduction of capture systems into existing activities requires...installing... the social work of imposing the system and the living with it." Foursquare is becoming a conscious being. It knows where you are. It tells you where you are. What are the ramifications of the publicity that Foursquare requires? Could the technology of Foursquare advance so much that the augmentated reality of the Foursquare 'game' becomes a true virtual reality?
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