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How do I survive math class?

Rules and procedures for a 6th grade class.

Pamela Arnold

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of How do I survive math class?

What are the expectations and rules in Mrs. Arnold's Class?
What are the procedures in math class?
What kinds of things will I learn/do in class?
You will learn to solve real-world problems using math.
You will learn the beginnings of algebra.
You will learn how to explain your thinking about math in writing.
REMEMBER, I am here to help you, it's my job. Ask questions, it's how you learn.
You will be successful!

Mrs. Pamela Arnold
I have been teaching at Westwood Middle for 15 years.
I teach all levels of 6th grade math.
I have two sons. Jackson is a Junior at Lake Region High School and Alec is a 4th grader at Lake Shipp Elementary.
I have 5 furbabies: 3 cats and 2 dogs.
Who is my teacher?


How do I survive math class?
1. Be
for class.
2. Be authentically
on task.
3. Be
to our peers and staff.
4. Be
active listeners
cooperative students.
5. Possess and promote
for ourselves and others.
Consequences of Breaking the Rules
Minor Infractions
Class Rules
1. Verbal Warning
2. Student/Teacher Conference and Parent Contact
3. Lunch/Written Detention
5. Office Referral
Major Infractions
Immediate Office Referral
Class Expectations
Beginning of Class
Come in to class quietly.
Gather necessary materials.
Sharpen pencil if necessary.
Be seated at your desk and put all belongings under your desk.
Begin on bellringer work.
Take out homework if completed.
Listen for further instructions.
During Class
Stay in your seat at all times unless directed otherwise.
Raise your hand for permission to speak or to ask a question.
Stay on task by following along with the lesson.
Jot down questions you may have on a Post It note and wait for a question time.
End of Class
Clean your workspace.
Collect your belongings and ensure the floor is clean.
Put your INB away neatly in the correct cubby.
Turn in your exit ticket to Mrs. Arnold.
You will need a composition book that will be used for your interactive notebook. We use this for absolutely everything in this class. We will begin setting it up on your 2nd class day.
Interactive Notebook
There is to be no talking during morning announcements or WNN.
You are to be respectful during the pledge of allegiance.
There is no talking during afternoon announcements.
You are to silently put up your chairs and wait behind your table to be dismissed.
Make sure that you carry at least 2 pencils with you at all times. You can use any kind of pencil you like, but I do not keep lead for mechanical pencils.

You may sharpen your pencils:
1. When you come into class before the tardy bell rings.
2. During independent work time.

*If you don't have a pencil, I will loan you one. BUT - you have to give me one of your shoes. I will keep it until I get my pencil back.
Make sure to keep plenty of notebook paper in the binder you carry from class to class every day. It is your job to be prepared for class. You are NOT allowed to take pages out of your INB.
Homework Folder
Make sure you have a folder you carry every day to put your homework in. Put your homework back in the folder as soon as it is finished.
Late Homework
I will accept homework up to 1 class period late. You will lose 20% of your grade before I grade it as usual.
Make-Up Work
If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up the work you missed. You will need to do the following things:
Check your class calendar for the notes/assignments you missed.
Get the appropriate papers from the weekly file and copy notes from a friend.
You have two days for each day you missed to turn in your work.
Our lunch is from 12:18 - 12:43 which is during 6th period.
You will enter the room and prepare your desk area for learning. I will take attendance and then We will line up at the door and walk in a silent, cohesive, single-file line to the cafeteria. At the end of the lunch period, you will line up at the designated door and walk silently back to the classroom and pick up where we left off before lunch.
I have a bathroom in my classroom. You may use it during independent work time. You may not use it during the first or last ten minutes of class or while I am teaching.
Fire Drill
During a fire drill, you will pack your things and wait for the all-call to evacuate. You will then line up silently at the front of the room. I will lead you out of the building to our designated area which is through the gate to the left of our building. You will wait in a silent, orderly line until the all-clear bell rings.
If you need to go to the clinic, raise your hand and I will write you a pass.
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