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Ina Ros self promotion

ssscchhoool task, yuck.but commission are really open ;) j

Ina Ros

on 27 December 2012

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Transcript of Ina Ros self promotion

-curriculum vitae
-Contact CURRICULUM VITAE Hello again!
Name: Ina Rosnia
Born : Tasikmalaya, 21 oct 1991
Current Living Place:
Bandung, Indonesia EDUCATION 2007 - 2010
Senior High School
SMAN 1 Tasikmalaya 2010 - Now
Institut Teknologi Nasional I Speak... Bahasa Indonesia
(native) English (Expert) Japanesse(beginner) SKILL and TOOLS IMPROVING LEARNING ADVANCE level the way I work Research Scribble Production -company/client profile
-people's opinion
-target research
-what to say
-how to say
-tone and manner -quantity sketches
-quality sketch
-mock up
-digitalize and second mock up make a real thing CHARACTERISTIC Passion Imagination Intelegence Hard Fast worker


Positive Thinker
Good Listener 2002-2004
Junior High School
SMPN 1 Tasikmalaya 1996-2002
pre and elementary Creative Field
- Illustration
- Graphic Design
- Packaging
- Coloring
- Art Concepting
- Art Directing
- Story Boaring
- Editorial - Sleeps
- Sweets
- Bunch of Comic and Fiction
- Good Movies
- Fangirling, blogging
- Fashion Related
- Plushies, Fluffy Animal
My Mood Buster available for hire!! PORTOFOLIO Graphic Design Children Illustration character design and Storyboard/comic fashion Illustrattion My extention

085223394472 Jerucamui@gmail.com Ina Ros radadusta.tumblr.com rosketch.deviantart.com Ina ros Ina rosnia @rosketch thank you for your attention!! see you soon! 2012 ROSKETCH i'm sure still commission are open :)
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