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The New Colossus

No description

Lauren jones

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of The New Colossus

"The New Colossus"
by Emma Lazarus

Major symbols?
Who was Emma Lazarus?
Emma Lazarus was a well known famous American poet born in New York City.
Who Influenced Lazarus?
Emma Lazarus studied Euperean and American Literature, and several languages at an early age.
What was going on during the 19th centry?
During the 19th centry Lazarus' father hoped to intergate his family into the christian society, during that time when hate against jews was rising in Europe.
Presented by Lauren Jones
She is best known for the "The New Colossus" a sonnet written by her in 1883.
Some of her lines appear on our very own "Statue of Liberty"
"Until we all are free, we are none of us free"
Her father saw talent in her at the age of 17 and published a secret book of her poems and it caught the eye of Ralph Waldo.
Later in life Emma became inspired by her etnectity and relegion.
Her family became shunned by relatives for not observing jewish traditions.
Even though Lazarus' family ran with a wealthy crowd, her sense of prejudice was always with her.
What type of poem is "The New Colossus?"
"The New Colossus" is a sonnet consisting of 14 lines.
Parts of it became engraved into the Statue of Liberty in 1903.
She was best known f
1) She is unlike the colossus of rhodes
2) Who stood over Helios islands
3) Here at New York's coast our gates shall stand
4) The statue of liberty whose flame
5) Holds eternal light, and her name
6) Mother of immigrants, from her lighting hand
7) glows a warm welcome to all, her calm eyes atrract attention
8) from the "air-bridged harbor" that alike buildings frame.
9) Keep ancient lands, your magnicifent displays!
10) With lips that dont move, give me your tired your poor"
11) Your huddled masses desiring to be free
12) Free from your country's controlling ways
13) Send me these, the homeless, the tempest to me
14) I lift my torch besides the city's door.
Who is speaking?
Figuritive Language?
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