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Turning Yogurt into Ravioli

No description

ashanti vann

on 11 January 2015

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Transcript of Turning Yogurt into Ravioli

How Do You Turn Yogurt into Ravioli?
By Ashanti Vann

Wax paper(1 sheet)
Distilled water 3 c
liquid measuring cups
plastic wrap
plastic cups * oz 4
permanent marker
vegetable oil
paper towel
round measuring tablespoon
Butterknife with one straightedge
spoons 3
yogurt 4tbsp 20% DV
My purpose for doing this project is to try something new. I would also learn something new.
My hypothesis is if i sit the yogurt in one cup with the sodium alginate (seedweed salt) the yogurt will start to transform.
make the sodium alginate
cover the sodium aliginate with a lid or a paper
let it sit in the refrigerator for 2 hrs
while it sits plan out how you'll be weighing out the yogurt
Now prepare the cups which you'll be testing the yogurt over time
Now make your first weight measurment
Continue ro weigh the yogurt at the time checkpoint
When finished analyze your data
The yogurt formed differently every 9 hrs
My hypothesis was incorrect instead of having a hot stove the yogurt formed better in the refrigerator.
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