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OB Theory and Research Methods

No description

Lynn McAuliffe

on 25 January 2015

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Transcript of OB Theory and Research Methods

a good theory is
theory development is continuous
simple, logical and helps us to better understand the world
a theory is used to...
predict and explain the world around us -- eg. a workplace/organization
behaviour happens....because....
it involves inductive and deductive logic/reasoning

inductive -- observe & draw conclusions
can have a positivism view - reality exists independent of the perceptions and interpretation of people
can have an interpretive view - reality comes from the shared meaning among people at a given point in time.

deductive - create an hypothesis - measure & then test -- scientific method
is a behavioural science based on the scientific
study of people -- the strength and rigor of the process and design used to conduct the research impacts the quality of the output & the applicability to any given workplace/organization
OB Research
gathers information from representative samples of people -- draw from a few sources and then draw conclusions about the larger populations
selection needs to be unbiased and random from a large enough sample size to be able to apply to larger population
suggests that one variable has an effect on another
independent variable - presumed causes of dependent variables (the effects)
eg. leadership style causes employees to be satisfied
subjects must knowingly and voluntarily participate (informed consent)
privacy must be established & maintained
design strategies
laboratory experiments
- can control the variables -- artificial
field experiments
- can control the independent variable somewhat but not the effects of extraneous variables (outside influences) - more natural - therefore very difficult to establish causation
observational research
generates a wealth of descriptive accounts of human behaviour, but it is subject to the perceptual screening & organizing biases that are discussed in chapter 3
the routine is overlooked even though rich data is there
usually record what appears new &/or different not routine -- focus on the exceptions rather than the norms
the presence of the researcher may influence the behaviour of the people they are observing
organizational behaviour
a general set of propositions (ideas) that describes interrelationships among several concepts
the actions or reactions of a person or people -- resulting from internal or external stimuli
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