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Maitha Lootah

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Euthanasia

Euthanasia is the procedure of killing patients who have lost hope of getting better.
Effects On The Patient
The right to commit suicide, and that euthanasia is not prohibited.
The unbearable pain that people who don't get the proper treatment suffer from.
The fact that people should not be forced to stay alive
The amount of money that is spent on patients.
It is mostly referred to as mercy killing or assisted suicide.
The patient thinks that he/she has the right to die, which puts so much pressure on the patient.
The treatment is denied to deserving patients.
The patient also loses self-worth, which leads to depression and suicide
Effects On The Family
Having to watch a loved one's illness get worse is very heartbreaking to the family members.
The struggles of withdrawing, withholding, or continuing medical treatment.
The resulting bitterness may split a family apart, sometimes forever.
Effects On The Society
The hospice and palliative consideration in the society
The trust between a doctor and his/her patient
The obligation to kill
Sets the patient free
Benefits the financial and emotional conditions of the family
Benefits cost regulation
Lessens monetary load
More focus on other patients
When euthanasia happens at the request of a patient
Voluntary Euthanasia
Non-voluntary Euthanasia
Is the point at which an individual is not able to give his or her agreement to the method
Involuntary Euthanasia
When euthanasia is carried out against the patient's will.
The History Of Euthanasia
Procedural Qualifications
When something is done to end the patient's life
When something is not done that would have saved the patient's life
Euthanasia comes from the Greek words, Eu (good) and Thanatosis (death) and it signifies "Good Death".
In Mesopotamia
In The Jewish Society
In Sparta
In ancient Greece
Pythagoras And His Understudies
In ancient Israel
In The Hippocratic Oath
In antiquated Rome
In the Middle Ages in Europe
All in all, euthanasia is a very important topic that is very affective, but is also beneficial in many ways. Euthanasia existed with its various types for many centuries.
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By: Maitha Khalid Lootah
Grade: 11A
Full transcript