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No description

Neelam Badi

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of eCampus

Avoids traditional tedious manual work.
Easy to add, modify, update and delete data from the database.
Provides security and validations.
Use of captcha code for authentication.
Displays interview schedules and results to students.
Helps finding eligible candidates for the available companies.
Intranet interview test facility.

Easily available data which saves time.
Simplicity in database updating and information management.
Written exams included in the recruitment process can be appeared via this application.
On click availability of interview schedules and results.

Users of the system
There are four types of users of this system:

TPO (Training and Placement Officer) - Manages the whole system.
Students/Guest users - View data and information.
Company - Access student details as per their need.
Admin/Staff - View data and suggest changes if needed.
Following are the modules available in eCampus:

TPO Module
Student Module
Company Module
Interview and Results Module
Admin Module
Introduction to eCampus
eCampus is a campus recruitment management system.
Manages records and processes related to on-campus recruitment.
Helps to make the campus recruitment efficient by proper data management and easy to access data.
• Sign-in/Sign-up form
• Eligible candidate search
• Company Information
• Interview application form
• Intranet examination
• Results
• Schedules
Hardware Requirements
Server Side:
• INTEL Pentium IV
• 512 MB RAM
• 40 GB Hard Disk Drive
Client Side:
• INTEL Pentium IV
• 256 MB RAM
• 20 GB Hard Disk Drive

Software Requirements
Front End:
• ASP.Net
Back End:
• SQL Server 2005
• IIS (Internet Information Services)
• Visual Studio 2008

Technical pros
For better security, MVC architecture is implemented. In addition to this authentication and authorization properties of .NET will be used.
For automatic email notifications, API available in the market are used (eg: Automation Anywhere).
The IIS server provides user friendly and familiar environment.
Future scope
The present system of campus generally consists of manual work which is lengthy and tedious process. In addition to this, proper notifications are not available for candidates. So to make the whole process easier, eCampus can be implemented in educational institutes.
eCampus is an intranet application that can be implemented in educational institutes for campus recruitment. This application will help to empower the recruitment process by better management features, easily available information, systematic search of eligible candidates and much more.
Thanking you with anticipation..
Presentation on eCampus
Prepared by:
Neelam Badi,
Anuradha Sejpal
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