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The Treasure of Lemon Brown

No description

nicholas fillinger

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of The Treasure of Lemon Brown

TheTreasure of Lemon Brown Setting:
This story is set in an abandoned Harlem tenement in New York City.
Characters and their roles:
Lemon Brown- Teaches Greg an important lesson
Greg- a basketball player that is upset with his father
Greg's dad lectured Greg.
Greg walked down the block where there was an old tenement that had been abandoned for several months. He entered the building
and heard many noises. He was later surprised by a man who called himself Lemon Brown. Then some men broke in, and they chased them out. Then Lemon Brown lectured Greg about the things that are most immportant in life.
The Resolution of this story was when he figured out what learning is about The Treasure Of Lemon Brown Vocabulary

Impromtu (Adj) Made of done on the spur of the moment without preparation
Tentativly (Adj) Hesitantly, uncertainly
Intently(Adv) In a firmly focused way; with concentration
Involentary (adj)- not done willingly
Tremor(n)-A shaking or trembling movement
Commence(v)- To begin; start
Eerie(adj)- Wierd; especially in a frightening way
Ominous(adj)- Threatening harm or evil. Literary Elements Theme: The theme is based on memories and keep sakes from
the story.
Mood: The mood us jubd if moving and isnpirable and alittle
scary in some parts of the story.
Tone: Inspirable
Language: Northern English
Irony: when the people broke in and Greg thought it would end
badly but it didn't Connections Text-to-text: I think Lemon Brown is
Like the man in the movie
"The Second Hand Lion"
Text-to-self: I think everyone in our group
has met someone in their life that has gave
good advice.
Text-to-itself: When Greg's dad lectures him,
you can tell that Greg disagrees with him.
Text-to-world: I think the that the way Greg
acted in the begining of the story is how most
teenagers act at some point. Story Info Setting: This story is set in an Abandoned tenement

Characters: Lemon Brown- teaches Greg an important lesson
Greg- Basketball basketball player

Plot: Gregs dad lectured Greg
Greg walked to an abonded tenement.
Greg met Lemon Brown
Greg and Lemon Brown Were encounterd by robbers
Lemon Brown scared the robbers away
Lemon Brown taught Greg a lesson

Resolution: The resolution is wen he fir]gured out his dad was right. Author Info Walter Dean Meyers was onlu ten years old
when he started filiing notebooks with his poems
and stories. He never expected that his childhood
hobby would blossom into a succesful career.
He later discovered he could write for a living
when he won a contest for picture book
writings. He is now an award winning author
recognized especialy for young adult fiction
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