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Red Bull

No description

c y

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Red Bull

Have you listened to the radio?Watched television?
Read the newspaper?
Commuted to work?
Or even walked through Guildhall Square just to get here?
To reach targeted groups of consumers without big budgets
Red Bull's Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing
Evaluating Promotional Activities
·WOM promotions are difficult to measure.
·Sales return do not take into account other factors such as long-term loyalty.
·After Red Bull Stratos:
-Sales grew a 7% in six months.
-World sales grew 13% in a year.
-US sales grew a 17% in a year.
What Have We Learned?
Red Bull uses a very
approach to
above-the-line and especially below-the-line
They organise their own events to establish
brand values
Uses the
process to create awareness and interest in the product.
Red Bull extensively uses
pull marketing
word of mouth promotion
Red Bull
Word of Mouth Marketing

"Welcome to the world of Red Bull! Red Bull is
giving wings
to talents particularly in sports and music, helping turn their ideas into reality and
celebrating with them
their success and achievements".
This events support the
brand ethos
and contribute to the Red Bull experience.
Above-the-line promotion
Promotion to a wide audience through mass media
Difficult to deliver a memorable message
It can be expensive
Not possible to completely control who gets it
Below-the-line promotion
HOW? = Event around the world
The Marketing Problem
All That Noise
Dietrich Mateschitz of Red Bull tackled this problem in
by founding Red Bull.
Launched in the Austrian market in 1987 after the
popularity of tonic drinks
Annual sales of around
4 billion cans in 160 countries
7,700 employees
Progressive marketing strategy
: Evolve and develop.
Range of Products
Red Bull's Marketing Mix
The specific features and benefits of the product
Where and how the product is sold

Setting the right price in each market

Using the most suitable form of promotion to reach customers
Distinctive product:
Taste is unlike any other. Functional effect v. other drinks.
Variety of Places:
Retail outlets, food and drink establishments. Easy to find.
Premium Pricing Strategy:
Priced above competitors due to quality. Best-selling energy drink.
Innovative Promotion:
Create a lasting impression to grow business & increase market share.
How can we become more innovative with all this noise?
Red Bull has a progressive marketing strategy
Social & digital media = of its promotional campaigns

This allows the company to adapt its promotional activity to reflect technological and social changes
smart phones apps as channel of communication
·It is all about creating
interesting stories
for people to talk about.
·This helps to create
brand awareness
marketing as opposite to push marketing.
·Helps the brand get
press coverage
Red Bull Stratos

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