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Sandy Zhou

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of islam

There have been many Islamic wars in the past, and their are still ongoing wars happening today. There have been many deaths and injuries to men, women and children because of these wars
War In Islam
Islamic Culture and Politics before the Islamic Revolution in 1979
Iran has been a muslim country since the 11th century. A shah governed Iran continuously for the 2,500 years until the Islamic Revolution in 1979.
Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was the last Shah of Iran. Under his rule Iran was a secular, muslim monarchy.
Iran had many connections to the west at this time, businesses traded with businesses in other countries.
Men and women mixed freely together and were educated together. Women had jobs and could walk freely about without covering their hair.
The arts such as, writing, dancing and singing were a huge part of the Islamic Persian,culture .
After the Shah left Iran in 1979 the left and right wing organizations fought for power.
The right wing hardline clerics won with the help of their security forces, the Revolutionary Guard.
As soon as they were officially in power the government was turned into an Islamic Republic and the legal code was based on Islamic Law or Sharia.
The arts and culture were suppressed under the new religious ruler.
By: Sandy, Lottie, Alistair, Micheal.V, Micheal.W
Islam Wars
Islamic Cuisine
The Islamic cuisine is like no other, with its wide range of foods, such as beef, rice casserole, meat pulao and many more. Some food from Islam cuisine can be from animals such as, cow, goat, lamb. Most animals are killed for food are in a very symbolic manner which means every part of the animal is used for something, so nothing will be wasted.
Religions of Islam
There are multiple religions inside of Islam including Shia, Sunni.
History of the Persian Language
Arabic is the official language of Islam and it is of the most spoken language in the world with over 200 million speakers. This language is spoken in 24 countries and it is a official language all over Northern Africa, Middle East, Iraq and many other places. In fact, it is one of the 6th official languages in the United Nations.
Arabic has many forms but it can be divided into 3 forms. The 1st form is called "Koranic or Classical Arabic." This Arabic is Islam's holy book, which means that it is a very old type of writing and was used in the late 6oo's. This type of writing was only used for reading, it was not used in conversation or others. The 2nd form is called "Formal or Modern Standard Arabic." It is an updated of the Koranic. This version is taught in the schools of Arab countries. It is used in news, modern literature and education. No one speaks it as a native language but it is used as a common language for people who speaks it as a second-language. The 3rd form is called " Spoken or Colloquial Arabic." This type of speech is mostly spoken and is very common.
Koranic or Classical Arabic
Formal or Modern Standard Arabic
Spoken or Colloquial Arabic

Persian is an Iranian language that belongs to the Indo-European languages. This language is called Farsi. Farsi was the original language of Iran because during 550 - 330 BCE, the Persians ruled Iran. Now, this language is still widely spoken with over 40 million Farsi speakers. In addition, Arabic and Farsi are really similar languages because during the time when the Sasanian Empire have gained more power, the Persian got influenced to covert their language to Arabic. However, some of the writing was lost during the Islamic time.
There are several sects of Shia including Ismili, Jafari and Zaidi.
Popular religions Iran
In Iran many people follow islamic religions the majority of Iranians follow Shia.
90% of Iranians follow shia
0.9% follow non islamic religions
Across the world the most popular religion inside of Islam is Sunni. The second most popular islamic religion is Shia other religions include Ibadi and Ahmadi.
Islamic Culture After Islamic Revolution (1979)
Islamic Culture in Iran Now (2015)

9% follow Sunni
There are also multiple sects of Sunni including Hanafi, Hanbali, Malki and Shafi.
Islamic religions across the world
There have been quite a few ongoing islamic wars such
as, Islamic Insurgency in the Philippines, Iraq war, War in Afghanistan, and many other more. Each of them have been involved in many different countries also. There have also been cases, of terrorists using child soldiers.
It has been 36 years since the Islamic Revolution and things are starting to change with Iran's relationship to the west. Right now Iran and the U.N. are trying to reach an agreement where Iran promises not to make a nuclear bomb if the U.N drops the sanctions against them.
Since the Islamic Revolution women of Iran have been given less rights than men and more rules. Women no longer have the right to work outside of the home, wear their hair down, wear revealing clothes, play on sports team etc.
The secular muslims of Iran want to see change in;
The legal system, there must be be four women testifying against one man in a court of law. (4 women = 1 man)
a relaxing of social restrictions, if a women is out in public with her hair down it is legal for a male in the Revolutionary Guard to burn or stone her, sometimes to death.
the rules around artwork and music. They want access to the internet and movies and television.

Why Do Terrorists want war With Non-Muslims?
There are a few reasons why Terrorists are against and want war with Non-Muslims, one of the reasons is because it said in the Quaran to kill the infidel, and if you are not muslim, you are the infidel.
Halal and Haram

Halal is a term used to describe food and drinks that are permissible to eat or drink under Islamic law. The foods addressed are in most cases some form of meat or animal tissue. Food can also be Haram which means that the animal was not killed in under Islamic law. The animal must be killed by a Muslim that practices Halal. It must be proceed by invoking the name of Allah (In the name of god), or else it will be Haram.
Halal Food
This is just one of the many demonstrations of halal blessed food called falafel it is mainly served with a side of humus with vegetables.
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