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P3: Describe the main physical and technological resources r

No description

emma love

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of P3: Describe the main physical and technological resources r

what is the unit about
For this unit, i will be describing and explaining the different resources used within my chosen brand; Topshop.
these resources are physical and technical resources.

Physical resources are the tangible resources that the business needs to maintain in order to carry out its activities. an example of this is materials, premises etc.

Technological resources are intangibles resources such as intellectual properties, accumulated skills and experience, software license and patent.
Machinery and materials
Materials are intangible resources that is used to produce a spacific product like clothes or bags.
This is used within Topshop. The reason why this is used within Topshop is because, in order for them to produce any clothes or bags for their customers, they need to have materials.

Equipments are a type of physical resource which is used within Topshop. Equipments such as computers or telephones are essential to the success of Topshop.

Telephones is a system that is used to transmit voices over a distance using wire or radio. it is also a telecommunication device that allows two or more users to have a conversation when they are apart from each other.

Telephones are used within Topshop. This is used within the business because it enables the business to communicate well with its distributors over a large distance. this means that they dont't have to travel to the destination of the distribution company. This also allows the business to save time and money. furthermore the reason why telephones use within Topshop is that it is easier for all their employers to contact the individuals within the business rather than setting up a meeting.

Computers are used within Topshop. this is an electronic device which is capable of receiving information in a particular form. this is used within Topshop. The reason for this is because it allows them the business to create websites, adverts and complete marketing campaigns

P3: Describe the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of a selected Organization
Insurance is a type of physical resource. Insurance is a resourec that protects businesses from losses due to any type of events that can occur during the normal course of business. There are many types of insurance within businesses. these include, insurance for a property damage, insurance for legal liability and insurance for employee-related risks.

Some of these Insurance are used within Topshop. This is used within the business as it allows them to reduce the financial impact of risk to occur within the business. Having insurance within the company means that the business will not have to worry about the risk of having to pay a large amount of money to repair the business. It also allows them to claim money if any floods or earthquakes accrues.
Security is a type of physical resource that is used within Topshop. Securities like camera are important within the business. This is due to the fact that it allows anyone who enters the business to feel safe and secure. it is also important as it allows the company to take control over the activites within the business.

This type of security is used within Topshop to ensure that all employees feel safe when they are working within the organization as well as making sure there are no theft accruing within the business. Having this type of security also means that there is less risk of the business loosing a large amount of money.
furthermore, security cameras are used within Topshop as it allows them to monitor the activities of all the staffs. Doing this will allow them to see the professional behaviors that their staffs produce to satisfy the customers. nevertheless, it also provides them with valuable feedback about the behavior of their employees.

intellectual properties
Intellectual properties is a type of technological resource. intellectual properties gives a company the right to own their own business ideas and it also allows them to give other companies the license to use the idea in a way. An example of this is patent.

patent; patent is a product or service which is protected from any person or company who tries to company any business ideas.

copyright; copyright is a legal term used to describe the rights that creators have over their artistic work or ideas. An example of the work covered by copyright are databases,music, advertisements and computer programs.

These intellectual properties are important within Topshop. this is due to the fact that without the protection of their ideas, they would not obtain the benefit of their inventions. furthermore, having intellectual properties will increase Topshop's market values as well as increase their future profits.
Software license
Software license is a type of technological resource. Software license is the permission to use computer programmes within a business.
Software license is important within Topshop. This is due to the fact that without it non of their machines or systems would not work.

furthermore, software license is also important to the manufactures of Topshop. This is due to the fact that software licenses is need in order for any of their products to work in new ways or in a way that is compatible with their customers existing computer systems.
Accumulated skills and experience
Accumulated skill and experience is building up particular things. These are the tacit knowledge which has been developed through a number of years. these are done when the business keeps the person in a job. this will lead the level of their productivity to grow. accumulated skill and experience is also the experience gained from an individual when they come across lots of different issues within a business over a period of years.

Accumulated skill and experience is used within Topshop. The reason why this is used within Topshop is that it protects the business by keeping individuals within their jobs so that the level of experience in the business can grow. Another reason why this is used within Topshop is that employees with experience are more likely to be able to produce a good work within the business.
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