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The Cold War: Journals of Recap

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Mariah Levy

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of The Cold War: Journals of Recap

Double click anywhere & add an idea The following journals were recovered by Honors World Studies students Mariah, Ariel, Luis, Kayla, and Dante. Together, the 15 journals tell the story of how the cold war effected society socially, politically, economically, culturally, and intellectually. Benjamin Tyler
June 30, 1947

Dear Journal, it should have been easiliy predicted that we the citizens of the United States would come across such trouble in this year of 1947. With the recent confrontation of the United States and the Soviet Union, and with observation of the two completely different government systems, a blind man could have seen that we are all in a bad situation - even those of us in a position of power, like myself. Being a government official, you would think i felt no effects but I think I've felt more than many others for this reason. There are a few things happening right now causing a riot. Recently, President Truman came up with the Truman Doctrine. It said the U.S. would give money to help countries influenced by communists. This angered the Soviets. For producing further anger, our Secretary of state, Mr. George C. Marshall, came up with the Marshall Plan made to replenish finances in Europe for recovery and prosperity because everyone knows that economic struggle leads to spread of communism. The Soviets have come up with something called COMECON - Council for Mutual Economic Assistance. It is supposed to gain support of people through economic help. I think it will fail, however. Benjamin Tyler
September 19, 1956

My dearest journal, I am sick and tired and tired and sick of all confrontation. Recently, there has been something called "de-Stalinization" that requires removing all extreme views of Stalin. This is being lead by Nikita Khrushchev. It seems like a good idea so far, but lately Khrushchev has been trying to get everyone to produce consumer goods, which doesn't look like it's going too well. With extraneous military spending, Khrushchev seems to be calling the downfall of the Soviet Union economy. Since Stalin has died, there has also been effort put into Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia from the Soviet Union to make sure these countries stay under Soviet Control. The soviets are asking for a lot and it's only going to become more and more full of conflict in my eyes. Benjamin Tyler
March 20, 1963

I recently relocated myself to Germany for they seem to have received some economic relief after all this conflict. Unemployment here seems to be decreasing tremendously. Konrad Adenauer, leader of the Chrstian Democratic Union, is serving as chancellor of Germany. He is helping people all over Germany to experience some positive economic effects of his leadership. Ludwig Erhard, minister of finance, has been overseeing everything and making this all a faster process. Erhard says he is about to take over right where Adenauer took off when he becomes chancellor soon. Journal Entry 46

Word has just got out that the Japanese are demanding the right to exploit French Indochina. First China and now this?? Who do they think they are?? Don’t they understand that if they do that then we won’t supply them with oil and scrap iron which they are so in need of? I mean they have to learn to think a little! We are so close to putting sanctions into order if they don’t go back to their original borders. They can’t just go around acting like tough guys! We have to show them whose boss. Well hopefully they listen and everything goes according to plan.

COLONEL Luis Davalos Journal 67

Oh Lordy what shall we do with the Soviet Union? We try to help eastern Europe with the Truman doctrine and The Marshall Plan and they take that to offense! To make things worse they make up their own financial aid program a.k.a COMECON which turned out to be a complete fail. Yeah sure they had some success with Stalin but let’s see how this Khrushchev guy turns out. I’m glad to see that some countries like France and Germany are taking advantage of the Marshall plan. That man Gualle is a genius!! While being President he made France’s economic growth rate increase 5.5 % a year! Even Britain had some economic issues but turning into a welfare state was probably the best thing they could have have done for their country. Sure they lost their role as a huge economic powerhouse but they’ll soon regain it.
Europe its on it way to complete recovery. They created the Common Market also known as the EEC. The EEC gave consent for the members of the bloc to be free of tariffs and taxes from fellow countries but they charged them to non EEC countries. This way they supported each other.
For us it was the same success story. After the cold war many of us were left with extra income and the desire to be goods. Our country became a welfare state and there is now organized labor. With the help of labor unions higher wages were offered.

Colonel Luis Davalos
July 25, 1941
Lisa Marie

Today I got a new job in making parts for new war weapons for WW2. Everyday new ideas for the war came up, mostly in weaponry, but also in medicine for the soldiers, and new communications. In this factory, the scientists upstairs produce new ideas for the war a lot. Once they give us the layout of these ideas, we have to make the parts and on the other side of the factory, they make them. There are a lot of aircraft parts we are building. We started to build parts for a jet fighter, a jet bomber, an operational military helicopter, and a rocket powered fighter. All new things. It is said to be shipped to Western Europe to beat the German’s aircraft. War vehicles are being made too. Ships and submarines are being built at other factories too. I wonder if all these new ideas will help us beat the Germans. I pray it does.
July 30, 1945
Lisa Marie

Today was a really stressful day, when I went back to work there was a lot of craziness happening. The scientists had completed their ideas and we now had to make bombs, missiles, parts for radars, rubbers, and package the medicine to be shipped to the soldiers. We worked on parts for Tank Destroyers and Glide Bombs, which had wire and radio control to go on the planes. We made a cruise missiles and rockets, proximity fuse for shells, bombs and rockets. It was said that this fuse was supposed to make the bomb explode when it got closer to the target. As for nuclear bombs, it was said that the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Japan. The girl who I work next to she said it was horrible, but it worked. I thought it was too, but if it helped it was good. On the other side they started to connect radar and sonar to the war crafts so it was easier for the soldiers to communicate. The U.S. was said to be responsible for the development of the radar and Great Britain for the cavity magnetron which helped the radar. I heard around the factory that the radar helped Great Britain know about German attacks beforehand. I spent the last hours of the day, packing a new medicine called penicillin which I heard was used to aid the wounds of the soldiers and help them keep away from diseases. Last, we made a new synthetic rubber. The workers in the factory said that Japan expanded to the South Pacific and cut of the Allies from the natural rubber. It was also said that the Germans had came up with an alternative fuel called hydrogen something. I’m too tired to remember.
September 13, 1946
Lisa Marie

Today, the boss moved me to the other side of the factory since the war was over. He said that it was for sure that it wouldn’t be another war, so I would have enough time to learn the ropes. When a conflict began between the Soviet Union and the U.S., the factory went back to work. Every day the weapons got more dangerous and there were more productions. Someone told me that there was some type of race. They said it was race for the weapons and armies, the arms race. All I knew was that there were in improvements in the nuclear weapons and rocketry which lead to countries launching satellites for military purposes. It was said the Soviet Union launched one named Sputnik. I thought it was a funny name. Even people in the factory said that that the use of nuclear weapons could lead the destruction of both sides. Later on a found out this was called Mutually Assured Destruction. We never really heard any news of real fighting. That’s when I learned the definition of a “Cold War”. The idea of a Cold War was said to come from a man named George Orwell. He was a writer from a British Newspaper. He’s aid that it was “an ideological confrontation between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. I didn’t consider it as a war at all. Just a disagreement.
Dear Journal,
D. L. Washington

The Nazis wanted a pure German race so socially; the perfect person had blonde hair and blue eyes which is the Aryan race and he tried to breed that race. Also, life was really strict. Everyone always had to say “Heil Hitler”, students had to say an oath to hitler before school. So basically, people had to show that they follow Hitler all the time. Also, Jewish people were excluded from the rest of Germany during WWII. They had to wear tags saying they were jews, and they were sent to work camps and they were killed.
Dear Journal,
During the cold war, people who were in Berlin were cut off from the other side because of the separation by the soviets from the other side. So people couldn’t see family and they couldn’t go to the other side at all or they would be shot. In Vietnam, they were getting more and more troops over there so anyone that was not accepted to a college had to go to war. So many people went to college who didn’t plan on doing so because they didn’t want to go to war.
January, 1942
Kay Roosevelt

Dear Journal,
Today the Nazi’s took more Jews away. I know that they are to blame for us being named as the start of the first war, but I sometimes wonder what will happen to them. Also some man came and took my son Saba away and said it was for some kind of training. I don’t know exactly what it is for but I can’t help but have a bad feeling about it.
Even though most people said that the war was coming to an end I just can’t see it. All those people have been killed already I just can’t imagine any more. Wait something just came on the news……..Hitler was just found dead. They say he killed himself and that girlfriend of his did as well. Too much pressure from all the other countries that hate us I guess. Well the Nazi is a strong party so we’ll see where we go from here.

June 1946,
Kay Roosevelt

Dear Journal,
Wow, I was wrong about something, it wasn’t the U.S. that started the new war it was that Stalin. I knew I didn’t like him.
Konrad Adenauer has us working with the United States now rebuilding our economy. He’s a pretty trustworthy person so I guess I now have some faith in what the world is coming to. I’m just ready to get things back to the way they were before all of this started.
Now a days everyone is afraid to go outside because they don’t know what to expect with all of this new technology and machinery that’s being used in the war. I heard the other day the Soviet Union was sending some kind of little robot into space. All this talk about moving forward is kind of frightening but maybe this robot can help end the war by telling us what the enemies are thinking. I’m not sure about anything anymore but I hope something good will come pretty soon

Kay Roosevelt
Dear Journal,

All I hear about these days is all these different plans being built to “rebuild” the war. I don’t think it is possible. Just like the second war I just don’t feel good about this. My mother used to say that in a group of friendly people someone is a trader, therefore trust no one. I just don’t trust those Americans, there’s something about them that just doesn’t sit well with me.
They are always coming up with all these new gadgets. Everyone seems to like them so much I want to know what they are for. I mean we have toys to play with, and sharing is caring so who are they going to share their toys with? Why can’t every country just keep to them selves? Everything would be so much easier that way.

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