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Rio de Janeiro

No description

Kaylee Hollenbach

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro
By Kaylee Hollenbach
Pedro Alverez Cabral of Portugal
founded Rio de Janeiro in January
of 1500.

The Portuguese ran Rio for many years until France came to take over, in 1565 a war started between the two people and in 1567 the French were removed.

By 1600 Rio had importance and over 8,000 citizens.

The discovery of precious minerals boosted the economy in 1763.

By 1889 Rio had 500,000 residents, and today it has over 6,300,000 people.
Rio has a Tropical Savannah Climate

Temperatures: range from 70-90 Degrees Fahrenheit

Yearly Precipitation: 46.3 inches
Famous People
In Soccer (Futbol):
Ronaldo Lima
Romario Faria
Chico Buarque
Noel Rosa
Maenado de Assis
Vincius de Moacs
Must see Places
Christ the Redeemer: Over 130 ft. tall statue of Christ that looks over the city
Jardim Botanico: A park that holds over 6,000 trees plants and tropical birds
Ipanema: One of the most famous beaches in the world
Rio de Janeiro Cathedral: A church that can hold up to 20,000 worshippers
Dining Out and Recreational Acticties
Antiaquarious: One of the best restaurants in Rio. Has a very famous codfish recipe
Hang gliding
Samba Show: 30 dancers and has a parade on stage
Cable Cars: Ride a cable car up to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain
Interesting Facts
The Olympics will be held here in 2016
Carnival is a party held in Rio and is the second biggest festival in the world
There are 12,000 people per square mile in Rio
Portuguese explorers found Rio in January, hence the name Rio de Janeiro meaning " River of January"
A Caico is a Person raised in Rio
Hang Gliding over Rio
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