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Mesa Verde National Park

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on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Mesa Verde National Park

The Colorado National Monument is simaler to the Mesa Verda National Park by they both National landmarks, and their economy, also their impact. Their diffrences are ones a monument and ones a park.
The Colorado National Monument and Mesa Verda National Park simaler and different.
The Colorado National Monuments geography is deserts, rocks, and canyon.
The geography surrounding the Colorado National Monument
People go to the Colorado National Monument to spend money.
The impact and the Colorado economy.
Mesa Verde National Park
Colorado National Monument
Colorado National Monument and the Mesa Verda National park are similer and different
Landmark and people involved
The Colorado National Monument
The colorado Natinal Monument is right outside the Grand Junction.The people involved are John Otto, the Colorado National Monument's creater.
Mesa Verda National Park
landmark and people involved.
One person is Cherie Bulter she is the Nationall Park super intendent,fast forward 21 years...she is still there great for kids.
Mesa Verda's Geogrophy
Some geogrophy is panormic and mesas, Blue Mesa.
The impact of Colorados economy.
Colorado needed roadside sinage for two areas of the park
Mesa Verdas important to Colorados history
Mesa Verda National Park (spanish for Grennland Tabeland) was established to preserve archeological sites built by the Ancestal pueblans who in habitad Mesa Verda for more then 700 years
Mesa Verda and the goverment invoved.
On June 29, 1906 president Theador Roosevelt Establish Mesa Verda National Park.
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