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Early Life

No description

Erika Magann

on 31 May 2017

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Transcript of Early Life

Jan Van Eyck
Early Life
Not much of Jan van Eyck's early life is documented including the date and place of his birth. Evidence suggests he might have been born in 1395 or earlier. He is thought to have originated in Maaseyck, a village in Limbourg. Not much else was recorded concerning Van Eyck's early life.
Idea 3
Idea 4
Jan Van Eycks pursued a career working for John of Bavaria and for the court. He began to use oil painting and later became famous for mastering oil paintings.
The Alornfini Portrait
Made with oil
Was a painting of him and his wife
Virgin and Child with Canon van der Paele
oil on wood,
oil transferred from wood to canvas
c. 1434
The Guent Alterplace
oil onto wood
Jan Van Eyck died in 1441, in Bruges, Belgium, on July 9th. The cause is unknown
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