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How To Create a Prezi.

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Brianna Moore

on 11 October 2014

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Transcript of How To Create a Prezi.

How To Create a Prezi.
Add Text. Add Insertions.
The template for your prezi is almost like a way to make your prezi more attractive to the eye. In addition to its actual function of giving a "theme" and a guideline of flow for the frames.

All you need to do is look through the templates and see which one stands out to you. It's also a good idea to choose a template that relates to the theme or topic of your prezi.
Choose a Template. Create a Flow.
Frames are the circles, brackets, rectangles or 'invisible' sections of your prezi that are the focus points for your information.
Creating a Flow From Frame to Frame
The frames in your prezi will go in order from 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd and so on. This is the flow of your frames; going from one frame to the next. Having a good flow will help your audience understand, and follow along with your prezi better.
The text in your prezi is a very, very important factor. Considering it is the information related to your topic, and the main point to your prezi.
Text: Adding Text
This is what your frames will say before any text is added
Prezi has an Insert option at the top of the screen.
Insertion: Continued
By Brianna Moore
Now I can't say that I'm a Prezi enthusiast and I don't just make random Prezis in my spare time, however I do know how to make them. Knowing how to make a Prezi is honestly, a very useful skill. Instead of doing a PowerPoint to display a lot of information you can use a prezi. For one; Prezis just look nicer than PowerPoints do. Prezis also make the information being presented easier to understand. Where in a PowerPoint your audience will focus mainly on the title and the first point. But with a prezi, each peice of information is brought into focus. Thus making the information easier to remember.
So, I'll teach you the basic steps of making a Prezi.
(And some tips at how to make your Prezi better)
First and foremost, to create a Prezi....
You need an account.
This is simple enough to do. It's very straight forward.
Now that you're logged in click on "Your prezis"
then click on "New Prezi".

You need to click on this
To get to this.
Click on this to begin!
Choosing a Template And Creating a Flow From Frame to Frame
Once you've found a template that you like; to choose it either mouse over it and click "Use template" or double click on it.
Now the template that I choose for this presentation isn't really suited for teaching something step-by-step, but the flow from frame to frame was easier for me to work with.
Choosing a good template is important. It gives a good base for your presentation. And from a zoomed out view it shows your audience what your prezi's about.
The Prezi templates have suggestive structures in which you can change to make mean things. Most of the templates already have a meaning to them, so depending on which one you choose, creating a meaning is already done for you!
This is where you can choose which type of frame you want. Like I've already said, you can choose from a Circle, Rectangle, Bracket or Invisible for your frame.
This section here is where you see all of your prezi's frames in the order in which they will be presented in the finished product.
You can place and delete frames, make them bigger or smaller and move them to different places on your prezi!
This is a Circle Frame!
This is a Bracket Frame!
This is a Rectangle Frame!
And This is an Invisible Frame!
Adding Text Into Your Frames and the Insert Option.
So from the original template (which was this), I changed the frame flow/set up by adding new frames in, moving frames around and making some smaller.
This bar shows you each of the frames and what their numbered as. To see what the flow would look like from a zoomed out view you can either click on the "Present" button on the top of the screen or on "Edit Path".
"Edit Path" will bring you to this.
From here you see the order in which the frames will go.
And by clicking on the star next to the frame number you can add animations to things within that frame.
A good thing to remember when writing your information is to plan it out according to the flow of your frames. By doing this your information is better understood.
Text: Information
The information in your prezi is up to you but your information should be good. As it should be for presentations.
All you need to do is exactly what the text box says. Just click on the text box and start typing.
You don't always have to use preset
text boxes to type information in. You can just click anywhere on your prezi to bring up a text box.
Adding text is really easy to do, so it's very straight forward, and there's not much explanation needed.
By clicking on this, you'll bring down a selection of options. Such options as:
Symbols & Shapes
YouTube videos
My Content
Draw Arrow
Draw Line

Add Background Music
Add Voice-over
From File
You choose from your own pictures, recommended ones, or search for images.
You choose from different styles of preset symbols and shapes.
Paste links to YouTube videos.
You choose from items you have 'Favorited'.
You choose from Single Frame or Multi-Frame options.
Exactly that. The option to draw arrows. Make them thick or thin, curved for straight. And coloured.
Same concept as 'Draw Arrow' but just with lines.
The option to highlight certain words of your choice.
Add music that you have saved on file to your presentation.
Add a voice-over for specific frames.
Choose anything from your save files.
Choose any PowerPoint files in your save files.
People wont remember much from you overview. Create sections for your information pieces; try to limit the number of frames within each section. E.X.
Give your prezi a meaningful structure. Doing so will let you audience see a clear "summary" of your presentation from a completely zoomed out view.
Though you can have many levels of zooming, it's best to keep the zooming limited to about 3 levels. By doing this your audience wont get lost in the zooms.
Using a metaphorically relevant background image can make for a cool narrative or trigger a certain emotion.
Give context often. Make sure to throw in a few zoomed out frames to give your audience spacial context, so that they know where they are.
Refrain from spinning too much. Your audience will feel confused. Unless you're making a point about a new perspective, or something of that nature, it's best to avoid dramatic spins.
Use visual guides. Use arrows or other objects to guide the movement of the frames. Doing so will ensure that the viewer doesn't get lost.
Prezis can support .SWF files, so use vector images whenever you can. JPG's get blurry as you zoom, whereas these files do not.
Keep you prezi SIMPLE, yet complex. Don't try to do too many things that it gets overwhelming.
Just have fun with it! Play around with your options.
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