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School Vision

No description

Sean Theoret

on 20 July 2013

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Transcript of School Vision

The Sean Theoret School of the Future
Staff Development
The staff participates in ongoing training around effective technology integration and formative assessments.

Every decision is made based upon data with the success of the students being the only goal.

Common planning and collaboration time for teachers is a priority.

To ensure commitment, staff are involved with the development and sustainability of any school initiative.
Curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core is made relevant to student interests and current events.

Students are given problems that require them to analyze the content needed to solve them.

That knowledge is tied to an experience or emotion which makes it enduring.

The structure of every learning experience is designed with
Students demonstrate their learning with a balance of traditional and project-based Common Core aligned assessments.

Students use technology to collaborate with peers and local and international resources to complete their projects.

Projects often are related to current and local issues faced by the surrounding communities. The results of projects are presented to the interested parties.
Students must understand that learning is ongoing.

Students reflect on each other's work regularly.

To understand what they are capable of (anything!!), students must reflect on where they have been and what they have accomplished. To this end, students put together an e-portfolio of the work they have done as a demonstration of the development of their knowledge over their educational career.

Students reflect on the learning that they have done over their education. As 8th graders, sophomores, and seniors, students defend the e-portfolio that they have assembled to a council of their peers, parents, teachers, and community members.

How do we prepare our students for this world?
How do we get there?
We envision our school to be a place where students are excited to develop the skills to meet these challenges.
It is our belief that every student is capable of success if truly inspired.
in mind.
Community Involvement
Community members and parents participate in the educational process by working with teachers in the classroom and on projects.
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