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Unit Rate

A brief explanation of unit rate

Katherine Cullen

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Unit Rate

What is Unit Rate? How Can I Find Unit Rate? Katherine Cullen Unit rate is how many of something per one. Joe bought a pack of 36 crackers and paid $1.08.
How much did each cracker cost? To solve this problem, we would just divide the price (the rate) by the crackers (the unit), which gives us an answer of 3 cents a cracker! Made by Unit Rate It's easy. Just divide the rate (such as price) by how many units you have. That's all! I hope you learned a little more about unit rate and how it works. Thanks for watching! Let's Try Some Problems Let's try another. Leo ran 56 miles in 1 week.
If he ran the same amount each day, how many miles did he run per day? To solve this problem, we would do the same as the other problem, even though the units are different. We would divide the rate (total miles) by the unit (the days) and get 8 miles per day! The secret to unit rate is... Division!
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