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King Mindaugas

No description

Taavi Houni

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of King Mindaugas

Because of king Mindaugas, Lithuanians became Christians. In 2003, Lithuania made a 200 lita coin with a picture of him.
His wife's name was Morta Mindaugiene and his 2 children were Daumantas and Vaišvilkas.
King Mindaugas was born in 1203 in Lithuania. He was murdered in 1263 in Aglona, Latvia. He was the only king of Lithuania, and was crowned in July, 6, 1253.
King Mindaugas of Lithuania
By: Taavi, Danizhan

Thank you for your time!
Lithuania became Christians in 1387 because of Mindaugas. They were one of the last ones to become Christians in Europe. Before they became Christians, the Lithuanians were pagans, having a variety of gods such as, the god of water, sky, and earth.
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1. When was Mindaugas born?
2. Why was he important to Lithuanian history?
3. Was Lithuania one of the last in Europe to become Christians?
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