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Cry the beloved country Sergio Cera 11-A

No description

Sergio Cera

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Cry the beloved country Sergio Cera 11-A

Theme It is a story that reveals
the uncormity of the black
people in South Africa with
The society yhat oppres them. Thesis Statement Most of us fear a
society that not always
accept us, just like
Stephen Kumalo ,in the
book Cry the beloved country,
even today 50 years later. Chapters 1-5 The hold story beginn describing
how is the country of South Africa
changing. Then the main character is presented
the sheperd Stephen Kumalo and it is told his story.
he lost his brother,sister and sonin the big city.
and now he live by himself and his wife in an old
Town. An honest men that don't
fit in the new world. After a long time not reciving letters
from his relatives Kumalo recives a letter that
says that his sister is sick and request imidiatly
his presence in Johannesburg. this letter is written
by Theophilus Msimangu, a priest in Johannesburg.
With some Doubts on his mind
Stephen gather all his spare money and travel by train to Johannesburg to the unknown. "Deep down the fear of a man who lives
in a world not made for him, whose own world
is slipping away,dying,being destroyed,beyond any recall". paton 44. When he reaches the big
city, he is amaze by something
he have never seen. after a bad
beginning, he reaches a bus to
sophiatown ( the place where
Theophilus is), helped by a church
parishioner. Finally when he reaches
the souce of the bad news he discoverd
not the end of his journy but the beginn
of a new one. He recives the bad news that his sister has becomes
a prostitu a sickness hard to cure and that his brother
now is a big politician. Cry the beloved country
by: alan paton
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