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Strategic Planning

No description

Nathan Cantley

on 7 September 2013

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Transcript of Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning
What is Strategic Planning?
"A process which allows effective, efficient means of overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals..."
Different stages to a Strat Plan...
Step 2: Evaluation
Are you convinced?
No? Hopefully this will help...
Aims for the
Why is Strategic planning is useful
How do to it
How you can get the most out of it
How it can impact on your branch sustainability
A cliche but true...
How it feels sometimes...
Everybody agrees on and owns goals


In Reality...
Means of evaluation

Professional for externals
Ideally you do all the stages but this isn't necessary...
Step 1: Vision and Mission
What is the Vision of an organization?
First step in setting out strategy
What would an ideal world
look like?
"A fair and just world where health equity is a reality for all"
What about the mission?
How does it differ?
What are you trying to achieve
and how?
"To create a network of students empowered to effect tangible and political change in health on a local, national and global level through education, advocacy and community action..."
This is NOT an annual exercise...
V + M is for
long term plans...
Yet new committees need to know how they fit in...
A word of warning...
Sets direction...
Where do we stand?
How do we move forward with this?
Objectives for the year
Draw on:
Your V + M
Important aspects of your SWOT evaluation
What do you want to achieve for the year?
Not too many!!!
Action Plan
How achieve objectives??
Step 3: Acting on it
Any Questions?
Always be realistic
Always make sure to delegate
Always be succinct

Remember: anyone should be able to read it
AND understand it...

Some pointers
The Golden Circle
"People don't buy what you do
they buy why you do it."
Concept translates to here
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