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The Importance of Character and One’s Body

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Melissa Suarez

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of The Importance of Character and One’s Body

Importance of Character & One's
Body Justin
Baldoria The Importance of Character and One’s Body By: Your actions depict your character. Only through your body are human traits possible. Ricoeur says: PAUL RICOEUR The perception of how others see you are more critical when you're an adult because your actions become more defined. Your decision comes from the depth of your character and life experience, not from conscious decision-making process. The choices you make are usually the outcome of what you believe and value, and the habits you have formed over the years. Your Beliefs Your Values Your Habits Your Choices Questions 1. Define character. The way your action over time become fixed in your body. 2. How does actions define character? Your actions becomes your habits which then becomes your
moral conscience which
define your character. 3. How is your character integrated in your day to day life? Your character determines what you
see, how you interpret what
you see, and how you
respond to what you see. "A habit is possible because the living person has the admirable power of changing himself through his acts. But by learning, the person affects himself... Thus there arises, through this continued affecting of myself, a kind of human nature... what is acquired (a habit), and what is acquired is contracted... Habit fixes our tastes and aptitudes and shrinks our field of availability; the range of the possible narrows down; my life has taken shape" Religious Relevance Since the body is a gift from God we are called to nurture it and form a good character so that we can proudly say we are Gods children. Your decisions or how you will approach a big situation has already been predetermined by small action/habits/character you have made for yourself. Casimir Gunawaradana Melissa Suarez What you see
How you interpret what you see
How you respond to what you see Moral principles you learn help make up your character, and your character determines 3 things: Building Character Your actions become habits and your habits define who you are as a person. For Example: If you play basketball and practice your fade away, the more you practice the better you get, and over time you naturally just shoot that way instead of going for a jump shot or layup. It becomes a natural reaction/habit. The same can be done "Moral Fibre”, the more you act in a certain way the more accustomed you get to it. and
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