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The Outsiders 2014

No description

Ally Tamas

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of The Outsiders 2014

Social Activities
flipped up
Well I guess you got into some trouble, huh? Darry and me nearly went crazy when you ran out like that. Darry is really sorry he hit you. You know he didn’t mean it. Then you and Johnny went missing and there was that dead kid in the park and Dally got called into the station, it scared us. The police came by to question us and we told them as much as we could. I can’t believe Johnny killed somebody. I know Dally knows where you are, but you know him, he doesn’t say much and won’t tell me anything. Darry doesn’t have the slightest idea where you are and it’s nearly killing him. I wish you would come back and turn yourselves in but I guess you can’t since Johnny might get hurt. You are really famous. You’ve even got a paragraph in the newspaper. Take care and say hi to Johnny for us.

Sodapop Curtis

The Outsiders 2014
•influenced by society
•mini skirt (1964)
•box shaped
•3 inches above the knee
Slang Expressions
tuff cool, fashionable, a compliment
lone it to do something or go somewhere alone
cooler jail
broad a term for woman, usually offensive
turf territory belonging to a person or group
dig to understand; to like
heater hand gun
Social Media
-In the 1960's, they didn't have much technology.
-They had the old phones that you had to move the dial to call someone.
-They just came out with the color TV.
-Ponyboy and Sodapop and Darry had a color TV but there wasn't much else.
-There were radios.
-They don't use much social media, not as much as they would now.
-They live pretty close so they don't have to call or text.
-Greasers have flip phones.
-Greasers have really old stuff.
-The Socs have IPhones.
-The Socs are richer than the Greasers.
-Facebook because teens use that a lot.
-Twitter to communicate ideas.
-Advertising on big flat screen TVs
-Greasers have box TVs
-The Greasers have really old technology
-The Outsiders is set in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
-The vacant lot is a main part in the novel because numerous events happen there.
-The rumbles take place in the vacant lot and Johnny and Ponyboy fell asleep there once
-It's like a safe place for the Greasers
-The Windrixville church is where Ponyboy and Johnny go to hide from the police.
-It has a main part and it gets set on fire so Pony and Johnny go and help the kids.
-Johnny breaks his back there.
-The park is where Johnny kills Bob
Stay Gold, Stevie Wonder
Rumble, Carmine Cappola
The Outside In, Bill Hughes
old fashioned
out dated
no connection
-The Socs drove really expensive cars that weren't commonly seen.
-The Greasers drove old souped up cars.
-Most of the Greasers don't drive cars.
-Bob the Soc drives a blue Mustang
-Cherry drives a red Corvette
-Most of the Socs drive Mustangs or Corvettes.
-The Greasers drive 2005 Toyota Corolla's
-They are old and you would seed it a lot more commonly
-They are a lot cheaper
-The Socs drive Cadillac ATS'
-They are really expensive and uncommon
-Bob drives a Blue Dodge Challenger
-It is cooler than the other Socs' cars and expensive
-Cherry drives a blue Mercedes Benz SLS AMG.
-It is really expensive and it is blue like in the movie.
Sauvé Production Companies Presents...
A remake version of the Outsiders!!
We would like you to take a look at our promotion. We have great ideas. Sit back, relax, and choose us!! We now present "The Remake 2014"
•sock bun
•messy bun
hair oil
side part
short (tight)
Why should we be chosen to produce the remake of The Outsiders?
featured recently
Zac Efron, Chace Crawford, Paul Wesley
no part

•Abercrombie, American eagle, Aritzia, Brandy, Toms, Keds, Vans
•slim fitting pants
•v-neck sweaters
•sports coats
•khakis, jeans
•button up
-To be filmed in Lafayette, Indiana
-It is very open and small
-There wouldn't be a lot of gangs like in New York
-The vacant lot is a soccer field.
-The Greasers would play soccer rather than football because it is a more popular sport.
-It isn't used and is open and big, perfect for rumbles.
-The park is still a park.
-It is still a popular hangout for teens and it would be perfect.
-An old abandoned wooden house in Frankfort, Indiana.
-It is close but not so close so the police wouldn't find them
-Frankfort is small and not very well known.
- Darry teaches them acrobatics
- Ponyboy and Jonhny read books
- Watch Sunrises
- Play Football
- Go to Drive-in Movies
- Fight Socs
- Judo Instead of acrobatics
- Instead of Drive-in Movies it is a Theatre
- Soccer instead of Football
- Greasers dont smoke only Socs do
- Hangouts in alleys and Town hall/etc
Run Boy Run, Woodkid
Sunrise, Our Last Night
I Don't Wanna Love Somebody Else, A Great Big World
insightful ideas
young creative talent
real life connections
ideas still apply today
greatness is in the eyes of the viewers
different light
truth; signifigant, universal insight
human nature, relationships, society
interesting characters, modernize, stronger connection
strap you to your seat!
no drastic change
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