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Clockwork Angel

No description

Sara Gardner

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Clockwork Angel

Cassandra Clare
Cassandra lives in western Massachusetts
She was born in 1973
Cassandra and her family moved around a lot through out her life
She lived in Switzerland, France, and England before she turned ten
Her true birth name is Judith Rumelt
Tessa Grey: main protagonist who is trying to find her brother and ends up discovering she has some interesting powers
Magnus Bane: is a Warlock
Will : Sarcastic shadowhunter
Jem : shadowhunter
Dark Sisters: evil downworld creatures; antagonist
Nathaniel Grey: Tessa's brother
Magister: downworlder who wants Tessa; antagonist
Rising Action
The rising action is when Tessa gets taken to the Dark sisters home and is forced to use her powers to shape shift into other people.
I believe the themes for Clockwork Angel would be Identity and trust due to Tessa not knowing who she is and trusting the shadow hunters to help her figure out who she is and find her brother.
Clockwork Angel
The Infernal Devices
Book one

By Cassandra Clare
Tessa Grey goes to London to go and see her brother, but instead of seeing her brother she is kidnapped by the Dark sisters and begins to see who she really is. She learns she has a gift and that she is not totally normal, she can shift into anyone by just holding something that belongs to them or did belong to the. She also learns the reason she was kidnapped is to become the bride of the Magister who only wants her for her powers. Soon she is rescued by a group of shadow hunters including the overly confident and secretive Will and the sweet, kind Jem who help keep her safe, figure out what she really is, and search for her brother. While searching for her brother and discovering her power Tessa begins to fall for Will, while both Will and Jem begin to fall for her.
"When Will looked at Tessa his eyes were hollow"
Inciting Incident
The inciting incident is when Tessa gets kidnapped by the Dark sisters.
"Will moved fast like a dark blur."
Tessa's necklace, her clockwork angel, symbolizes her mother
The dagger with the symbol of two serpents symbolizes the Dark sisters and the Magister
When Will and Jem find the dead girl at the beginning of the book with the dagger it leads them to finding Tessa with the Dark sister later.
The climax is when Tessa discovers her brother has been working with the Magister the whole time.
Cause and Effect
Do to Tessa trusting he brother she gets kidnapped and pulled into the world of shadow hunters and down worlders.
Mundane: human
Nephilim: Half human, half angel
Abnormal: not conformed to the ordinary rule or standard
Debut: an introduction into a society
Gratification: satisfaction

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