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TY Geography Project on Jamaica

No description

padraic murphy

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of TY Geography Project on Jamaica

Jamaica Jamaica is the 5 largest island country in the Caribbean.
Its real name is the Commonwealth Of Jamaica.
It has a population of 2.8 million people and the capital is Kingston.
The indigenous Arawakan speaking Taino name for the island was Xaymaca.
This means the “land of wood and water” or the “land of springs”.
Jamaica is divided into 14 parishes which are grouped in three historic counties which are Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey. Jamaica Religion Christianity is the largest religion practised in Jamaica.
64% Christian
2% Jehovah's Witnesses
3% unstated
10% other
24,020 Rastafarians
5,000 Muslims
1,453 Hindus
350 Jews
21% no religious affiliation Sport Sport is a very popular past time in Jamaica and the most famous athletes are Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell.
Usain Bolt won 3 gold medals at the London Olympics and is the fastest man on the plant.
Another iconic sports figure in Jamaica is Chris Gayle who is from Jamaica but plays cricket for the West Indies. Music Bob Marley was the best and most famous reggae artist from Jamaica.
Three of his best songs are “no woman no cry, don’t worry be happy and Jamming”.
Also another famous artist is Sean Kingston.
Sean Kingston's real name is Kisean Anderson and he was born in Miami but moved to Jamaica at the age of six.
His most popular songs are “Beautiful Girls, Fire Burning and Take You There”. Tourism Jamaica is a very popular tourist attraction because of its lovely sandy beaches and its tropical Caribbean climate.
Also for the lovely natives, the rare vegetation and the crystal clear blue water. History The Arawak and Taino indigenous people, originating in South America, settled on the island between 4000 and 1000 BC.
When Christopher Columbus arrived in 1494 he claimed Jamaica for Spain putting it under Spanish rule.
When the Spanish were attacked by the British at Ocho Rios in St. Anne the British took full control of Jamaica.
The British used the natives as slaves to grow crops for Britain.
After being under Spanish rule then British rule Jamaica finally got independence on the 6 of august 1962. Olympics Jamaica had fifty athletes in the London Olympics in 2012.
They were very successful getting 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze.
Usain Bolt was the most successful athlete achieving three Gold medals.
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