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No description

lorenzo ibarra

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of dante

9 circles of Hell Gangstas Complainers Lips sewed together with barbed wire while being forced to complain about how much it hurts til they rip open. preppy hydroflouric acid will burn from the bottom up as they burn in glourious pain til they die... over and over again. racists attacked by 20 hungry vicious pitbulls that carry rabies Shot 30 times each 30
min and healed every other 30 min of
the hour continously.
Forever watch computer burn til it explodes in their face nerds Stoners sucks in helium til head explodes back stabbers stabbed in the back hundreds of times and have lemon juice poured on them haters killed by the one they hate the most Teachers Have each piece of there body cut off and removed using a cheese grater, sandpaper, and a drill Created by: lorenzo & Mike
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