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My Passion Project

No description

Taylor Puls

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of My Passion Project

My Passion Project
At home
When we got home me and mom started crying for More than 10 minutes and my sister Khloe asked why are you both crying. We both didn't say anything.
The end
Thanks for watching, hope you learned something about what a stroke means.
You might be wondering why I Have the word dog up there. As you explore with me on my presentation you will find out. So lets go!
The reason why I Did a passion project is because I wanted to now what a stroke means because my Dog Had one.
My Dogs name was Harley. Like Harley my friend.
How it happened
How it happen, it happen one day after we came from the library after school. My mom waved to my dad in a Bulldozer. And I asked my mom "who was that." She said it was your dad And she started to tear up after that, I knew what had happen my dog passed away. After my mom said that.
What my dogs name was
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