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Technology in your Classroom

Integrating Web 2.0 into your lessons

Meaghan O'Hara

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Technology in your Classroom

We Made It!
The Start of our Journey
The Landing Spot
3 BIG things you can incorporate now!
Little Things for Teachers
Student Assignments Made Fun!
OK....Now What?
Integrating Web 2.0 into your lessons
Technology in your Classroom
Warm ups and Introductions
Wikispaces for Teachers
http://wiki.kleinisd.net for Klein ISD teachers
QR Codes
Virtual Post-it Notes
Online Binder
Classroom Management
Online Poster
Photo Story
Museum Boxes
Scoop it
Cross Over Sites That are Great for Student Presentations, Projects or Assignments
Joepardy Labs
A little about me...
Meaghan O'Hara, M.A.
The Goal of this Presentation
This is a fun site to conduct polls and get class opinions.
The free package allows 40 responses per poll so you do have to clear the poll after each class.
You can choose between multiple response or open response but you don't have moderator control over the free responses with the free package.
People can respond by going to a website or a text message (you can deselect the text message option).
The Individual Teacher package at $50 per year allows moderator control over open response and also has a grading feature so you can create quizzes.
Cool feature: You can create a Poll and embed it into a PowerPoint.
This site is geared to educators and is totally free! You can create quizzes, exit tickets, even a race game.
You can add pictures to your questions and answers can be exported to Excel (which you can import into gradespeed). There is a feature that allows for auto-graded short answer questions, you just enter in all the possible answers you will accept.
You are limited to 50 users per activity so you have to download the responses and then clear your virtual 'room'.
Students log in to a different website then teachers and then enter the 'Teacher Room Number' to get to the quiz or exit tickets.
Teachers can share created quizzes/exit ticktes by just using a code.
Lets Try It!
Go to http://m.socrative.com
and enter Room # 99680
I love this site! I think its great!
Quiz Tip: Lock down the student computers using DyKnow by only allowing this website and blocking all other programs. Then remind students of the consequences if they disconnect from DyKnow during quiz time.
This website has some pre-created exit tickets that focus on extending thinking about a topic. Check it out, its a great way to start.
Ideas Ready To Go!
This is a presentation web site that is free for educators. You are looking at a Prezi :)
With a Prezi you can create a more visual and 3-dimensional presentation allowing you to become more creative and expressive with your content. You can turn your notes into a concept map or make you lecture on atoms look like it is inside an atom!
"Ya, that's great, but I'm not rewriting my Power Points." You don't have to! You can import a Power Point and then drag the slides into the prezi. You can also copy and paste text the 'old fashioned' way.
You can upload movies, YouTube videos, PDF's, images, you can even create a voice over between slides. Prezi takes many types of video file types but sometimes you have to convert your file type to an acceptable type. This sounds hard but its not. The easiest file choices are .flv, .mov, .mp4.
This site allows you to convert, for free, files from one type to another.
You follow the steps on the home screen, they send you an email when the conversion is complete and you click on the hyperlink and then download your converted video.
For Prezi the easiest videos to use are .flv, .mov, .mp4
Love It !!!
OMG! Fantastic!
This is a free site that allows you to make videos of your computer screen and your voice (called a screencast). Like the tutorial videos on Khan Academy.
You can upload these videos to your Screencast-O-Matic screencast page, organize your videos into Channels, download them in video format (.mp4) and put them into a prezi, on TeacherTube, on our LMS, or upload them right to YouTube (Students can't get to YouTube via Klein computers, FYI). *Think of these as money in the bank you can move them anywhere you need them.*
You can upgrade for $15 per year and edit your videos.
Students love the videos because they can go over them again and again at their own pace.
You can add a hyperlink to a tutorial video into your worksheet documents. Instant homework help!
Wikis are a great way to have a website with all your educational materials organized the way you like it.
You can embed videos that you made on Screencast-O-Matic, images, PDF's, documents, podcasts, etc.
You can create hyperlinks back to your wiki as a tutorial aid in classroom documents.
This is a free site that allows you to create timelines. You can add images, web links, and text to an event in time.
You can switch views between a timeline or a text view depending on your preference.
You can create multiple timelines on your free account.
Free !!
Print out the text view, cut it up and have students match up the image, title, and description !
I love the possibilities of this site !
The visualization of statistical information
This is a free site that allows you to create your own infographics based off of the information you put in.
You can add charts and graphs, images, videos, and maps.
Easy to create charts and graphs based on your data.
I think this would be great for case studies, research on epi/pandemics, or any lab that requires a graph or chart and analysis.
This site is another free infographics site.
The templates are a formulaic allowing the students to pick what representation they want and then change the graphics for their data.
I think that this would be great for middle school students and entry level high school students.
This site would be great for writing up the outcomes of labs or research projects.
For teachers this is a great way to teach graph making.
Good for younger students or as an intro to infographics
These things !
Your Right ! They can't use their phones in school. But they use them everywhere else, so why not give them the option for outside school. Just remind them, not in school.
A QR code is a bar code that links to a website or even just text. You need a QR scanner app on your phone and these are free to download.
You can put the hyperlinked website right next to the QR code in your school work and the students can have during school/after school options.
Important Side Note:
If you put your screencast videos on TeacherTube it automatically creates a QR code for that video. Just right click on it and select "Save Image As" and then put it anywhere students need access to a tutorial video.
Kind of silly but this free site allows you to create an avatar of yourself. Just right click on the image you make and "Save Image As".
You can use your avatar as a picture of your self on websites or anywhere you upload a picture of yourself.
I like using the picture as a hyperlink to a tutorial video in my documents. To do this import the image into your document and then right click on the picture. Select create hyperlink and put in the web address.
This is a free site that allows you to create a wall of virtual post-it notes. Except these you can also upload a web link or a file.
A plus about this site is that you have moderator control, so you have to approve the messages before they appear on everybody's screen.
This would be a great ticket out activity or an excellent tutorial page where students answer other students questions during class. The possibilities are endless!
Important Side Note:
After you create a wall, you can click on the 'Share' button on the right hand side of the wall to see all the ways to share the wall. Scroll to the bottom and you will see a QR code that the site automatically creates for the wall. Save it and Paste it!
Lets Play !
Or Go To:
This is a free site that lets you create online, three ring binders
You can upload videos, powerpoints, pdf's, and documents. You can even organize websites in your binder.
This is a great way to organize resources for parents or students. You could have students create an ePortfolio of their learning throughout the year.
This is a free site that allows you to create animated videos.
You could use this site to animate an abstract concept in your lectures. You could also let the students create an animation about abstract concepts.
There is a bit of a learning curve with this site but for free animation sites, this is the fastest :)
This is a free site that allows you to create a Jeopardy style game online.
You can add your own questions and answers and then play with the students. Better yet, have the students create the question/answers, then you add the best and the next day everybody plays a review game.
SO much easier then the power point copy that we have been reusing for the past (mumble) years.
The students can make their own and challenge other students as part of a review game.
This site has links to other game making sites by the same creator.
Super Fun and Easy !!
This is just the cutest free site ever (!) for keeping kids on task.
There are cute avatars that represent the students, you can determine the behaviors that you want to see (or not see) and then give the students + or - points during class when you see/don't see the behaviors.
There is a parent log in feature so parents can monitor student progress and get weekly updates.
This would be great for a middle school classroom or even some high school classes.
This is a free-ish site. The free teacher account gives you 10 student accounts. You can upgrade for $40 and get 125 student accounts. It is worth it if you are going to use it but I would start with the free account and get feedback from the students first.
The site allows students to create an online poster with text, video, pdf's, podcasts, and images embedded into it.
This is a great creative site for projects and reports.
Important Side Note:
Glogs can be easily embedded into a wiki page.
This is an application that students already have on their computers via Klein ISD.
With Photo Story, students can put images together with narration and/or music and create a movie. The movie will be saved as a .wmv file and can easily be played on our computers or embedded into a prezi or wiki.
This is a great way for shy/quiet students to create/present a project or report. It is also a great way for techie/dramatic/outgoing students to show off their skills.
OK, Not officially web 2.0 but it uses different aspects of the web.
This is a website that allows students to create Museum Boxes.
An old fashioned museum box had compartments that held items which helped explain an idea or develop an argument. A virtual museum box is the same except the items that students put in can be text, images, videos, audio, etc.
This is a great way for student to present a project or compare/contrast ideas or a concept.
This is a free sight that allows you to create a 'news feed' on a topic, make comments about articles and others can respond your article or your views on the article.
Students can pull articles and stories from the web (a scoop, if you will), then comment about the article/issue, and others can comment on the article or students' perspective.
Teachers can make a page and post articles for their students to read and then ask questions about the article in the comment section.
This is a great tool to develop critical thinking and multiple perspectives.
Such Great Possibilities !
Let's Play !
I have been teaching for 10 years, two as a GED instructor and eight years in public schools. During this time, I have taken every opportunity to incorporate technology into the curriculum. I have developed Promethean Board applications for ESL students, and have created as well as utilized electronic curriculum for teams. I have previously trained coworkers in professional development workshop on Promethean Board applications and as a high school IPC lead I have worked with allowing for technology integration for all teachers in the team. I received a Master's Degree in Science Education from the University of Arizona, and while in this program, I did an internship working for the U.S. Army in Fort Huachuca Arizona. During this internship, I was a cartographer and used GIS software technology everyday to make maps. This internship, along with my other experiences in graduate school, made me realize that today’s employers are looking for people who are not only familiar with technology, but know how to use it at a professional level. Employers want critical thinkers that can use technology to problem solve and develop innovative ideas on a regular basis. Because of this experience, the overriding question for use of technology in my teaching is: How will this benefit my students in the workplace?
I want you to feel empowered using technology in your classroom.
I want you to see how this is an extension of what you already do in the classroom.
I want you to find something that you can use right away and feel comfortable with.
A Quick Note:
I am CHEAP! I won't spend money unless I have to and I am a busy person. Because of this, everything that I talk about here is either entirely free or has a decent element of free and has a 20 minute learning curve.
Start incorporating technology into your classroom as soon as you can. Don't let your enthusiasm run dry over the break, use it to reinvigorate your teaching.
Start daydreaming; what would you love to have in your classroom? Once you know where you want to be, you can start aiming your classroom in that direction.
Research, Research, Research. Keep looking for new information on schools that are integrating technology or rethinking the way they do things
If you have a question or just need a sounding board, email me. mohara1@kleinisd.net
There is a sign up fee now, but is is good for the entire school.
Something to Keep in Mind About Your Students
Our students have been using technology since they born. They don’t know what is means to not have it in their lives, it is their world. Very little of this technology gets used for formal education so technology becomes games and wasted time. If we use technology in an educational setting and teach students how to use it for educational purposes we can then engage our students in the setting they are used to and prepare them for their future in the way that we intend.
Practice Page: http://prezi.com/m9e9wrcwre5d/
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