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Inference Short

No description

Monica Beard

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Inference Short

Inference Short
What is an inference?
Writers often do not state the way a character feels explicitly (Outright). Instead, writers will include details about how a character acts and readers must use these details to make inferences about the character’s emotions.

In other words: You use observations, prior knowledge and experiences, and details from the text to make connections and come up with ideas.
We are going to watch a short film and make inferences as we watch it.

Take a moment to preview the questions so you know what you will be looking for.
Partly Cloudy
Question Review
1. Why is the grey cloud seperated from everyone else?

What was your schema ( background knowledge ) and what were your clues ( what the animation showed you) ?

2. Describe the relationship between the grey cloud and the stork?
What was your schema and what was your background knowledge?
3. Why does the stork keep coming
back to the grey cloud?
4. Why does the stork fly away?

Think about where he goes.
5. How does the dark cloud react
to the stork's reactions?

Try placing yourself in his shoes.
6. What was the stork really doing and why?
10. How must the mother feel?

This is the time in which you should put
all the clues together. The rest of the video,
her body language, her actions, her facial expressions,
and her desires. Really be descriptive about how she
must be feeling!
What made this a good video to us to make inferences?

Think back to all the questions you just answered, but also
consider what the video was lacking that most videos have!
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