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No description

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of E-commerce

Lets Watch a Video
2. Search for the Item you Want
There should be many categories to search from, Choose any or you can just search it on the search bar.
3. Research on the Item you Chose
Once you have found the product you want read its details and check out if the price is decent.
E-commerce describes business where the buying and selling of products are done over the internet

It is also known as Electric Commerce
What is E-commerce?
This business is done online in many online shops such as ebay.com , amazon.com, souq.com . It allows you to sell or buy any items just by following some steps.
How Does this Work?
How to Buy an Item Online
1. Register/ Sign up
Before you start choosing and buying, you have to make an account with a username and contact details.
4.Click "Buy It Now"
Once you are satisfied with the details of the product, click "Buy it Now"
5. Paying
Choose any payment method. The main way to pay is with your PayPal or your credit card.
Shipping the product to your place may take 10 days to 2 weeks. After you recieve your product.. check if the product is with everything it said it would have. ENJOY!
Why Online Shopping?
Its easier
Its more relaxing
Most people do most of their shopping online
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