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Baseball stadium plant cell analogy

No description

tristan Diaz

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Baseball stadium plant cell analogy

Baseball stadium plant cell analogy
Cell Wall
The cell wall is like the
outer wall of the stadium because it protects the inside parts
Cell Membrane
the cell membrane is like the doors into the stadium because they let people in and out
The cilia and flagella
the cilia and flagella are like turnstyles the help the people move along
The Nucleus
The executive offices are like the nucleus because they are in charge of the team and stadium
Nuclear Envelope
the walls and doors to the office are like the nuclear envelope because they enclose the office
The general manager is like the nucleolus because he is the one that gets all the players, etc.
The team trainer is like the mitochondria he/she gives the players energy to execute the task at hand
The water coolers are like the vacuole because they hold important contents that need to be stored and they help keep people hydrated
The trash system is like a lysosome because it dispenses and recycle old parts
Rough ER
The Home team is like a rough ER because they have lots of fans on their side
Smooth ER
The Away team is like the smooth ER because they don't have to many fans with them
The grounds keepers and maintenance teams are like the cytoskeleton because they keep the stadiums shape in order
The Mailroom is like the golgi because it packages up mail and receives private mail
The players and are like ribosomes because they carry out the task much like ribosomes do with protein synthesis
The venders are like chloroplasts because they provide food for the stadium events
The manager is like the peroxisome because he breaks down te footage of the games and makes revisions.
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