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OTSD Final Presentation

No description

Jenna Baker

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of OTSD Final Presentation

Aqsa School
Operation Teen Safe Driving
-Aqsa School is a small private school located in Bridgeview, IL
-The school serves approximately250 students Grades Pre-K through 12
-Grades 6-12 are exclusively “all-girls”
Signs and Outreach
OTSD volunteers started to get the word out by publicizing their message with catchy posters placed all over the school and on the digital screen hanging outside the school building. Some included facts from the Ford Driving Skills website!
Besides conducting surveys, Aqsa girls stopped cars on the way in and out of the neighborhood to give out very colorful brochures inserted with either a “good” or “bad” traffic ticket.
We passed out these brochures filled with facts and easy precautions to take when driving. They were given out with every "good" and "bad" ticket. They were also passed out at our community teen presentation.
Within School Walls
-We made our public debut in 2 newsletters and our school's yearbook
-Our community's newsletter, entitled "The Community Pulse" will feature an exclusive look and explanation at our display in the nearby car parking lot. This newsletter is distributed to the entire Bridgeview area.
-Our school's newsletter and yearbook feature stories of our mission and past accomplishments.
Teenager Awareness
Our community hosts a youth lecture every Friday night at our local mosque. About 200 teenagers attend every week. We created a presentation on the dangers of unsafe driving and presented to these youth. We passed out our informational brochures, thumb rings, performed trivia, and took safe driving pledges.
On the Streets!
Informational Brochure
Pep Rally
-A junior performed an original monologue that depicted a ghost coming back to speak of his death that was a result of a reckless car crash. This was performed in front all of junior high and high school students during a pep rally.
-We also performed a trivia session in which students answered questions about driving statistics.
Directing Before and After-school Traffic
We used these "slow" signs and our reflecting orange jackets to attract the attention of drivers and remind them to slow down!
Car Wreck Display
We wanted to create a display that would bring together the Village, Police Department, Fire Department, and local mosque. This was accomplished by our wrecked car display. After receiving permission from the mosque to use their lot that is located on a busy street, 92nd and Harlem (where several crashes have taken place), we spoke to the Village and Police to help us pull together this project! This display included 2 wrecked cars that looked like they crashed. We also surrounded the scene with caution tape and dummies.
Wall of Pledges
We had hundreds of teens, parents, and even future drivers pledge to try to ensure a safe driving environment at all times!
Forming Display
Facebook Page
We created a Facebook page that provided the community with updates of OTSD events, pictures, and efforts!
Reaching Out to Arabic Speakers
A large portion of community members speak Arabic as a first or second language. To fully deliver our message to all, we created an Arabic Driving Statistic Fact Sheet that we gave out at our local mosque,at a lecture where 75 to 100 women come, and put around our community center.
Poster Contest
-A poster contest was held for grades 6-12
-The top 4 winners each received a $25 gift card for their hard work and efforts.
The 5 by 12 foot banners hanging with our wrecked car display delivered our safe driving reminders to anyone passing the busy streets!
Our OTSD t-shirts reminded students to not text and drive! Students wore t-shirts displaying the logos of Ford Driving Skills for Life, The Allstate Foundation, and The Illinois Department of Transportation Division of Traffic Safety.
Nerds and Dumdums
Safe drivers (wearing seatbelt, not using phone) received nerds while unsafe drivers (no seatbelt, using phone) received dumdums along with a corresponding ticket and brochure!
Stickers, Thumb Rings, Lollipops
We distributed these items throughout our project. Stickers and lollipops were distributed during pledges. Thumb Rings were distributed during the "no texting" banner pledge.
Txtng Kills Thumb Print Banner
Seat belt Surveys
We conducted before and after seat belt surveys around our community, and after our efforts and outreach, noticed a 25% increase in seat belt usage!
Along with taking pledges not to drive while distracted, students, teens, and community members made thumb prints on our Txtng Kills banner, promising to never text and drive. After giving a thumb print, each person received a txtng kills thumb ring.
Getting the Kids Involved
To further involve kids outside of our school, we reached out to our weekend schools that teach over 650 kids every week! These kids visited our car wreck display and promised to remind their parents to follow speed limits, never use their phones, and wear seat belts!
People Taking Pledges...
Txtng Kills Banner
People of all ages gave their thumbprints and promised to warn friends and family of the dangers of texting while driving.
Teenagers watching presentation...
A Portion of the Monologue
"Good Ticket, Bad Ticket"
Through our efforts in spreading awareness throughout our community about the dangers of distracted driving, and encouraging people to drive safely, we hope the streets have become a safer place for everyone.
Seat belt Survey Chart
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