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Facebook Presentation by Albert Kaufman 2015

Albert Kaufman - Facebook in 2015

Albert Kaufman

on 21 March 2015

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Transcript of Facebook Presentation by Albert Kaufman 2015

It's OK to ask for help
Facebook changes rapidly
top 11 Facebook Tips
Albert Kaufman
There are tutors
there are on-line tutorials
I teach classes
I work with people one-on-one
or, in small groups
Contact me at
visit my website at
and, on Facebook, of course

Don't be afraid to hire someone to help you get started.
With some practice much of it will get easier
Where is help? Here is help!
Why is Facebook important?
Make the settings, layouts, and anything you can possibly customize - exactly right up front and you will save hours of time
Examples: Account Settings/Notifications
Saving time is key
FB Purity - Customize your face
enables reaching all SN at once
woobox, 22signals, Join My List
design apps
Tools that can help
The better you learn it, the more effective
your efforts will be

If you don't know it well, you'll get frustrated - take the time to learn Facebook and you'll be rewarded
1.4 Billion users + More Each Day!
Easy platform for reaching a targeted audience
Great way to engage customers
Easy to use (for some easier than others)
Has everyones' attention right now
Is integrating more and more into peoples' work/lives
It has bells, whistles and ch ch ch changes!
examples: timeline, offers,
PHOTO ALBUMS - highest form of engagement, videos, images, THEN.. text only - more engagement = higher edgerank =
Learn to
the changes not fight them
Who am I? Albert Kaufman - local social networking and email marketing teacher and business owner - Albertideation.com
I teach classes and consult with small businesses

Join My List
Do not be afraid to be
It's really OK to be yourself
It's OK to experiment
It's OK to make mistakes
It's OK to try things
Don't wait until everything is perfect to share your brilliance
You're welcome to post questions on the wall of my business page
albertkaufman@gmail.com is best way to reach me

And, know that what's true today, may not be tomorrow, so again - get used to change

Join My List
Here's a chance to be YOU
This is something that is still relatively new
there are very few experts
it's your chance to share who you are - be creative
Thanks for coming!
and thanks to Constant Contact for having me here today!

Yes, there are other social networks
yes, they are important, too
so far, they are not nearly as compelling
as Facebook - Esp. for small business
marketing =
Targeted Advertising
What does
Constant Contact
Lots, and more each day
make your newsletter social
tying social to your newsletter
Re-use content on all platforms
Advertising Part 1: Boosting Posts
Advertising Part 2 - Facebook Advertising!
Social Campaigns
: a way to engage your FB audience – give them something in exchange for their email address (which is important to get in order to move a casual connection on FB into a potential customer/client/member through email)
Constant Contact Social Campaign on Facebook Page
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